Outdoor Autos downunder

Hi there,

Selection of AFs,

WW, JH and WC, all outdoors in the Aussie summer. Hopefully in the future growing Cannabis will be de-criminalised across the whole country. Until then each summers grow can be a very anxious experience. One just never knows!


G’Day Mate.

My next order is going to be some auto strains, like the look of them. I understand what your saying about growing in OZ mate, very hard outdoors and a lot of work as well. If your lucky they don’t get ripped or eaten by something its a good year.

Cheers mate i will follow this to the end.

THURSDAY… :sunglasses:


wow they look great, I hope my WW autos grow that big.

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Welcome plants looking great !

Hi there,
Some of the AFs are getting close. Next week is the start of week 12 for the first crop of AFs. In the third photo down, those are 3 AFs germinated the same day. But the big AF at the rear of picture(behind the smaller 2 AFs) still has about 4-5+ weeks to finish. Which will take it out to approx. 16 weeks from germination, but it is growing out of a 2 ft’ diameter piece of pipe stuck straight into prepared ground. So, when is an AF not an AF? If the big AF takes up to 16 weeks to finish, can the plant still be considered an AF? The 2 smaller AFs in front (WW & JH) will likely be finished about the middle to end of next week, week 12. Checked Trichomes this am and still only minimum amber, so needs some more days.


Smashing it :grin:

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No wonder you nervous you have quiet the harvest going on!!!

Looks a treat :ok_hand:

Hi @Brandy how much did you’re ww weigh at time of harvest?

Hi, this years harvest all went to hell. In the past summers Autoflowers outdoors produced 3 oz+. I had 1 JHAF growing in my veggie garden that produced over 10 oz’s - remarkable + good relaxing smoke. Sorry I do not have photo’s to add, I deleted everything My AF’s in pots/growbags were victims of too cool+ wet conditions. I was lucky to get 1-2 oz’s per plant + many AF’s turned airy and loose buds after weeks of low temps + rain.
Oh, and we were busted…I did not own all the garden, it was a group effort. Still managed to get some lb’s off before the shit came down…
So much work, effort and sacrifice, to end up pulling everything
Next summer I might have a few outdoor plants. But Im going indoors now where I have the control over the climate… and privacy. Until pot is legal here, outdoors is just too stressful…I had civil contractors working within 20 metres of my back yard laying new sewers etc for a new development 1/2 a mile away…
Good luck all…

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