Outdoor Autoflowers at 68 days

Hi there,
Here are some outdoor AFs. WW & JH. Coming on now but had to deal with cold temps early on. Photos less than ideal in middle of the day. These 4 af’s grown in 3 gal growbags (had to pot on one WWAF to larger plastic pot because of soil compaction in grow bag-mistake)) are just about to be 10 weeks old.
I feel now that while you can easily grow af’s in a 3 gal bag/pot. For outdoors in my area the larger volume of useable growing medium, the better. Growing af’s in 5 - 7 gal’ grow bags/pots allows the root ball to maintain a steady internal temperature due to the extra mix. It can be alot of work and time looking after 3 gal grow bags on days/nights that range from 35 deg F to 97’ F & high winds.
The JHAF in pre flower with the many bud sites started life as a discard seedling, but ive kept interest and supported its growth. Given room to grow roots in a disused garden bed it appears healthy. It’s behind its siblings at 10 weeks but is the largest AF, started late LST at some points.

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Yeah 7 gallons or 10 gallons if you want to grow in soil.
You could insulate the pot with some bubble insulation or just mound something around it like loose dirt.