Outdoor Autoflower week 2

I am growing 2 ilgm blueberry and one northern lights autoflower from the same people in 707 organic potting soil. The tallest one started sprouting almost 2 weeks ago and the others a week and a half because I didn’t have enough perlite to state them at the same time. and the only thing I have gave them is ph water, desmacus earth and neem oil. I’m noticing some browning spots on the blueberrys. Is it because I didn’t water them for awhile? I know most new growers overwater so I was trying to resist as much as possible but probably went too long the smallest one is the northern lights the rest are blueberry

Could be they went a little dry. At this stage, those leaves don’t matter. Just pulse check on it.

They are fine, probably just water spots that were left on the leaf.
Why are you feeding neem oil?

Also if you have 2L clear pop bottles or something wider, anything really. Dome them they are really small and could use the humidity boost from the dome.