Outdoor autoflower northen hemisphere limits


All who’s was or growing ilgm autos outdoor please tell how much is temp limits?
I have in veg period hour before sunrise 45F. And nighttime humy is 80-90rh. But day is full of sun and temps rise 113F. Is this dangerous or they adapt? And day humi is 15-20Rh.


45 is about as cold as they can handle, and it will slow the growth. Now the high temp I know people who grow in the desert on this site and regularly deal with the high temps and still have success. But with a temp swing that big I’m not to sure what to expect. I grow indoors and don’t let my temps get below 60 or above 85 I know if my box gets into the mid 90s it really affects my girls.


I am growing indoors and personally haven’t researched outdoors much. However I would think with temps as high as 113 you would want a shade of sorts to prevent burn/ excess drying etc… But someone who grows outdoors may have a better idea. Happy Growing😇


Hello my friend, I’ve grow a few plants in that type of heat outdoors, they have all been started indoors and then slowly moved outdoors so the can handle the heat, mainly sativas dominant stains. In that type of heat you should be able to water daily and if in pots move to shade if you see any type of stress , and should bounce back. I do aloe Vera foilar feed 3x a week,15mins before sun down for heat stress. Hopes this helps✌🏼


Same way, I started indoors and slowly get them outdoor. Yes I feed too algae mix with seaweeds.
And I think I must water too frequently. Tomorrow I see.


Are you in pots or in the ground? What type of medium ate you using?


3 different shop soil mixed 2gether with perlite.
Can’t send pics because security reasons this only have my country label (cucumber&tomato soil) but npk
12/14/24 (n100 p60 k200 mg/l) pH 6
Second allmost same with micronutes in. Dolomite and others… And third is

Yes they’re in black plastic pots. Night in greenhouse and day outside.
I use my newly get biobizz line.
They act fast and good.


Looking good my friend , looks like you got it covered just keep them hydrated and happy. :+1:t3::v:t3:


That’s what I meant to do. :sunny:
Some days here were cloudy and stormy :cloud_with_lightning: and this is in veg autos outdoor big cloudy factor. Ive was myself a week to another country and don’t have a full or any control. I have indoor light supplement when cloudy days come in.


I had temps in my greenhouse as high as 130f to lows in the 20sf and harvested healthy plants


Sorry pics out of order this was a northern lights and blueberry autos from ilgm


Thanks for pics and I get some confidence look @ ur grow.


@beginner2d I’ve had plants out in temps in the upper 30s. as @Sirsmokes said, it will slow growth some but as long as its not at those lows all the time you should be good. The heat issue is another one. I believe there are a few growers that use a shade filter …


Awsome job nice setup!! I agree with @Sasquatch I have use filters and an old army camouflage net for my outdoor grows.



I have this on nighttime. But I don’t use this cloth in daytime. Plants are OK and I don’t see any burning. Thank you for saying this for my setup :sunglasses: haha.


Thirty percent shade cloth over the top would make them cooler and happier.