Outdoor Autoflower Grow

Im New to Autos. Is it wise to grow autoflowers outside. If so are all auto seeds capable of growing outdoors or just some that are stated that they can be grown outdoors?

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Some autos don’t like real hot weather and can be a pain outside but most can grow really nice outside. Some breeders will include preferred weather for their seeds

Try white widow outside. It’s best to wait till April or May or better yet start em inside under a light for a month 20/4 then move outside once it warms up more

If they state they can be grown outdoors it should be fine. My only concern is that because they only have a month or so to veg before they start flowering, if the weather is unpredictable at any point or if you run into any small issues (that with non auto flower strains) they could go into shock for a week or so and you can lose a week or so if veg time which is critical when it come to the plants final size.

I’ve had some really tiny ones cos of this. I feel like a very monitored and consistent set up and indoor environment would work best for autos. I personally think they’re harder to grow because you only have the tiniest veg time to go by and if you make any mistakes it can make the plant TINY.

You can grow just about any cannabis outdoors, some will just be easier than others. Higher bud density is more prone to rot in climates with a lot of moisture. Some terpene profiles attract bugs and others repel bugs. Some long flowering strains won’t finish before it gets cold in northern climates. All pretty much comes down to details of where you’re trying to grow outdoors and what you are capable and willing to do.