Outdoor auto LST

Hello All,

first time grower here and I want to know more about LST.

I plan to be growing WW autos outdoor in 5/7 gallon fabric pots.

First question is: as a first time grower, should i bother with LST? Is the risk worth the reward in yield?

Second Question: it is my understanding that there are different methods of LST. Which methods of LST should I perform on the plants? And how do I do such method?

Lastly: what are some tricks/tips to share to increase yield for my WW autos?

I like to keep it simple, but from what ive read LST is greatly beneficial.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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If you’re growing outside, I wouldn’t worry too much about lst, maybe top one or two, but since the sun is constantly moving, I wouldn’t. Lst is really just to help get the most outta your stationary indoor light


I wouldnt top your outdoor autos as their veg time is limited to start with. They do better sown into their finishing pot and with minimal stress to maximise your growth. Some gentle bending of the main stem to the side over a period of time will expose some branches to more light and contribute to your end yield. The main stem of a plant contains a hormone to prevent branches from growing as high as the main stem(apical dominance) so by bending the main stem horizontally you disperse these hormones to other branches allowing them to become main stems as well. It can greatly increase your end yield.


I top and fim my autos all the time and lst can help in other ways than just to utilize a stationary light. Alot of people actually prefer lst to open up the center of the plant so the middle of plant gets light and airflow and it helps you maintain a more even canopy. Which helps yeild. As stated above. But all of this is personal preference. I top and fim but don’t tie anything down unless I run into a issue with height. The only thing about doing it with a auto is in my experience my autos stretched for over 3 weeks. So I just let them do their thing.
They say don’t top, fim, or clone autos, however these practices are done with success all the time on here.
Alot of us here try to push the envelope some to see what all these are capable of. I will plant 2 harvest one for yeild aND the other just play with to see how it affects yeild. Right now I’m getting 4 to 6 Oz per Oz after dry and cure


whats the difference in yield between topping/fimming vs not?


Honestly people who 1 need to keep a shot plant 2 want multiple cola top and fim basically it causes to to have a lager canopy or more bud sites. But honestly alot play into it. I have 2 plants white widow autos one I fimed 1 I did not so I should be able to tell you which yielded more in 8 weeks