Outdoor auto grow

would love advice. Can germinate then troubles with stretching then keeling over.

I had the same problem when i put mine outside let me tag the person who helped me. @Happilyretired

We need more details and photos before we can make any suggestions

Thanx for replying. Growing sour diesel autos. Germination ok. Plant in seedling mix in small cell packs. Transition outside semi-shade to start. They seem to stretch and so sprinkle dryish soil enough to prop them upright. Most have died. One out of 6 seeds just propped up today. Have it outside in indirect light to harden off a bit. 40 yrs. in horticulture yet keep failing. Think I will try sprouting outside next time to avoid initial stretch and maybe will get stronger stem from the get go. Will you be my guru? Don’t think I’ve overwatered. Maybe 2x daily misting. Sspeak to me oh master!

I am far from a master… But I am usually pretty lucky.I never recommend putting ceilings in direct sunlight, If I do it’s only morning usually early ,couple hours…Here’s the question are you putting A dome over them are you cutting off a water bottle and putting it over them or something to that effect. They like 90 to 100% humidity when they first start. Where I live it has been 100°every day for the last 5 Days with fairly low humidity and I just started a skywalker OG and medijuana, They get a couple hours of direct sun first thing in the morning then when the sun gets up far enough the sunshade screen covers them until Late afternoon evening, then I get an hour or so more of direct sunlight. I use a Pete Pellet / jiffy Puck .I soak it in whatever starter solution I can find … then I place it in the center of a one and a half gallon pot filled with mild potting soil ( or depleted soil from a previous grow ) Then I place my seed ( that has split after being soaked in water overnight ) In The jiffy puck About 1/4-3/8 of an inch deep and then covered up with a little bit of the Pete. Then I covered up with a water bottle and once a day I remove the bottle and spray the plant and the inside of the bottle with the same solution that I use to soak The jiffy puck .If you continue having a problem with the plants stretching too much I would suggest you use less soil in your pot and when they stretch add some more moist soil Here’s a Couple of photos of where my seeds are at and how I’m doing it… I soaked these seeds 9 days ago and they sprouted 5 days ago.

If you are gowing auto flowers you want to start them off in the pot that you’re going to finish them in… They’re going to grow for roughly 12 weeks that’s it no time for recovery from any shock.


If they are going to be outside, good idea then no hardning off needed. Like to know what others think about domes outside though. My understanding is the dome creates humidity and until roots form that’s how they get the water they need thru the leaves. But I would.think a dome outside would cook them.

i love autoflowers. @GreenJewels has the best way to do seedlings with the split cups and rubber bands .i hate cell packs i hate jiffy pucks. autos need a gentle approach. in my opinion. i agree on the domes. dont put them outside until they are rooted and then the domes wont be an issue. they do what they want when they want. what a great way to live.

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