Outdoor Auto-grow powdery mildew problem on AK47 Auto

Hello fellow Growers,

Been fighting this powdery mildew on my AK47 for a while now. I determined it on very early stage and first I used a Bio-Fungicide. It worked but it came back. Problem is that she is already on the end phase of flowering. This chick will be done in 3 weeks time.
So I don’t want to spray all buds again with that shit even if its organic.
I tried the milk spray method, 50-50 mixed with water and sprayed thoroughly. Yes the buds too because it just spread there too. And left to dry under direct sunlight. This too worked and got rid of the mildew but the buds and some small hairy leaves are covered with sticky dried milk now.

Would it be ok if I spray and flush all the buds out of milk with distilled water or Nettle tea spray (1/20) so I don’t smoke Kinder milk slice flavored weed?

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I wouldnt spray buds l. Thats how you get bud rot. Just do a wash at the end