Outdoor auto greenhouse grow 🤟

First timer. I went with autos since I live in the Northeast and I was hoping to get a quick turnaround. It’ll be six weeks since germination this Friday, I have two granddaddy purple autos. both are in organic potting soil and has been fed about a half recommended dose of nutrients every other feeding. The taller more fruitful one I have been letting rock, the other one I fimmed, I also added a small layer of mulch on top of the dirt for the one that I fimmed I heard it helps trap moisture better. Just for my observations unless you are growing indoors where you can really control how much light the plants are getting it looks like fimming and or topping an auto is not really a good idea for outdoor grow. The taller one I counted nine bud sites :flushed:. I should mention that is being grown outdoors in a greenhouse along with peppers tomatoes and basil and everything seems to be getting along very well. Anyway, any feedback on how it looks would be much appreciated and any good strains to grow outdoors would also be appreciated, peace, love, and happy smoking.


On your next grow place them in slightly larger pots. Looks nice.

Happy growing…

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Thank you, I just ordered a five pack of 5 gallon fabric pots Amazon prime day baby.


Fabric pots are the best for sure. I love the root development.

7 gal/4 months

There’s even more in the soil I broke out of the root ball.


A good amount of growth. I attempted a FIM on two plants and….wow! Both, 4 main colas, crazy! So I did a little LST and it took to it like a fish to water. This is so relaxing and fulfilling. I’m just having fun :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

I fimmed two plus LST, kept one as is, and one I just did LST without topping or fimming, even that one, without topping, the bud sites all flattened out and everything is even. Next time I’m going bonsai.


While most of my grow is outdoors directly into my garden, I planted two in pots in the greenhouse as an experiment. They seem to be loving it! I’m liking how your grow is coming along, enjoy the season!


@Tharizz Nice! I’ll be along watching your ride as well. This is our first grow ever, and we’re also growing 3 GDP babies except indoors. Also FFHF soil.

Through our struggles with the grow and learning we tried to LST as well, but she came up with an idea to use these “cheater” chopsticks we had around the house to keep bending the plants. One of them totally bonsaied and grew all funky :laughing: Practically mooning us with his main stem

Good luck with the outdoor grow! You’ll love the fabric pots!


Weekly check in. The heat in the north east has been crazy it got to 115° at one point inside the greenhouse. However, all four of the girls did really well. So I pretty much tried four different methods. The first plant, the tallest with the buds, I have done nothing to other than feed nutrients, and pull a few sucker leaves at the bottom of the stem. The second I fimmed and tied up. The third, I fimmed and tried LST. That sucker knocked two ties off of it, and kind of straighten out. Anyway, that sucker is just as tall as the one I did nothing too, and has three tops :flushed:. And the last one is just LST and trimming. Just having fun, all looks good though and the smell is sooooo good inside that bad boy. Happy growing :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

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The first two pictured are nine weeks old. The second two behind it are one week behind. I have learned with autos, they respond much better to Fimming as opposed to topping. The one that I fimmed is the biggest and fullest out of the bunch.

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