Outdoor AF's at 5 weeks /41 days approx. (down under)

Hi all,
This summer has been tough going down under. Night-time temps still in the single digits Celsius, between 4-9 deg’ C. The days are in the high teens’ or low 20’s if we are lucky. Yesterday we had winds gusting at nearly 80+ kph that knocked the shit out of my plants. I had to stake and tie plus I mounded up handfulls of mix at the base of the stems to support them where they had taken a beating.

Im older with bad knees and cannot move easily, but had to work thru the pain and get them into the greenhouse for the night. Im surprised this morning after a drink of rainwater, putting back into the sunshine they seem to have survived OK.

One of the JHAF is nearly 2,3/4 foot high… she is booming.
Even though the temperatures are not ideal(cold nights & cool days), these girls are bulking up over the last 2 weeks.
Regards to all.


Lucky you with all that free sunshine. But it does present challenging variable compared to indoor. Looks great. :grin:

They look fine! In pots you’ll have to watch for wind as it’s hard to stake them well. Cannabis is a tough plant that’s been growing outdoors for thousands of years.