Outdoor 2021 smart pots

To be honest, I have never personally attempted to grow in the growund with cloth pots, but it would ptobably work.

Is your 6’x10’ Outdoor garden? you did not clarify. Any way you slice it. 5 plants should work fine in 6X10.

Tomorrow I’m assembling my second greenhouse as I know I won’t have enough room to successfully do what I plan on doing in the small 12x7, stay tuned

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Sorry to derail the thread, I saw people talking about birds and such. I will not be using pots except to get them to six inches tall like you recommended. Yes that was my garden pic, got my seeds yesterday and have them soaking. I won’t post here anymore to prevent confusion. Thanks all!

I did not see anything. For the most part, if you are not going off topic and ruining the original posters thread. We are all good. Friendliest forum on the Internet.

Here’s a little teaser I’ve been busy, life happens I never got the second greenhouse up, I’ll save it for the rainy season.

These plants get 12 hours direct sun.

I have to cage in the near future. I hope everyone is having a great time growing and I’ll update soon.

The white spots on the leaves of greenhouse plant i diatomaceous earth.

@Putz yes ,we were discussing birds and such,affecting seedlings and sprouts outdoor… In my smoky Haze of problem solving meditation, I came up with this…I know I am late,apologies…
Thai food take out containers originally used for curry.
Made with a heated screwdriver, and slowly/carefully
made holes
SL out.