Outdoor 2020 Midwest

I shade them after irradiating them😂 it’s a shit show trying to grow seedlings in the middle of summer.

I found a syringe and watered a little bit. I’ll go back to shading every day for another week or two. Hopefully I didn’t kill the one or hurt the others. Better planning next year none of this fly by night crap. It’s like how much is too much water in 100 degrees.

Watering should be done early as possible. Maybe a sip in the major heat of the day

@PurpNGold74 I’ve been doing like before first light. Last couple days around 8-9am. Then a sip late afternoon after around 4-6. Going to get away from the spray bottle as suggested. I watered around 5pm this evening which was probably stupid as I think maybe need a reset with the water. I might have over done it which brought out the nutes burning the couple of plants. I’m going to shade them the rest of the week from 11-3pm to hopefully get them back to where there not burning but growing. I thought they could handle the full sun as I did it a couple days and they seemed to love it. May be to much to soon and little to much water.

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Definitely possible. More water = more available nutes to roots.

@PurpNGold74 how do I reset the watering to let them catch up to eat the food. I was just thinking maybe no water till Wednesday am but shading them during the mid day so they don’t dry out to much.

Just let them tell you when they are thirsty… i honestly dont water til i see the faintest hint of wilting. Take feast famine to the literal max


That’s what I usually do but this heat it fried my brain and made me think water them. I started to rush basically. I’ll go back to what I was doing last week before I gave them full sun all day. They were reaching for the sky last week.

Slowly harden em man. Dont put the carriage before the horse. The ladies are resilient not Kryptonian…

I heard the days of summer ticking by and was like jump start these f’ers. :joy: More like set them on fire from both ends. Do you think they will be okay? I’ve been never burned babies before. Yeah going back to slowly hardening them. A week isn’t enough I as rushing.

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Man theyll be ok. Honestly most people would throw em in the fire. Of they are weak… who wanted that anyway? :joy::joy:

They aren’t doing good? That one is a runt. The rest ?

They are alive. Its easy to overcompensate as a new parent. Relax


I was thinking the ones were a little skinny for almost 2 weeks.

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Takes a bit to kickstart. Especially late in season. You may have helped with the early nutes and water. Now let her dry, make roots, then blow up

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Word. We shall see…

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@kaptain3d i need some advice would you get rid of these slackers. Trying to start them outside but somehow managed to burn them. This is week 2.

I’m in no way an expert, but I say let them live and practice on them…imo! :nerd_face:


Wait and see thing pretty much. I’ve never did a mid summer sprout and grow. this pretty much is an experiment at this point :joy: we are gonna find out I guess.

Then there were 4.

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