Outdoor 2020 Midwest

  • What strain: Lemon Milk, Teenage Wasteland , Dusted Bud genetics
  • Method: Organic soil, Happy Frog for seedling. Auroa Green fields in 1 gallons. Almost out of auroa
  • Vessels: Pots 1 gallon pots now then fabric smart pots 7 gal next transplant
  • PH of Water :6.5 with ph down from tap
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution: no nutes yet
  • Indoor or Outdoor outdoor
  • sunrise 5:45 sunset 8:26
  • Light system the sun
  • Temps; 97 Day, 75Night
  • Humidity; 44 Day, 44 Night. It’s swamp humid
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size N/A
  • AC, Humidifier- N/A
  • Co2; Yes, No N/ A

It’s been 2 weeks since they popped. Transplant to one gal on July 3. They survived the heat this week so though I would post a support thread. I’ll keep updating throughout the grow. I got a really late start so will be interesting to see what happens. Couple of quick ?’s. Should I use nutes to help the veg growth even with the good soil and what kind do I use? I want to max out the size in veg before they turn but don’t want to burn them trying. I’m almost out of auroa green fields soil thinking about doing 1 of each in the green fields and doing the other in ff ocean forest. Thanks in advance for any advice.


I’m getting some yellowing on one of the seedlings. Is it heat or something else?

Did it get that bad overnight?

The yellowing looks like nute burn. Happy Frog is a little “hot” for some seedlings, but they’ll most likely grow out of it. There should be plenty of nutes already in the soil to get you through seedling stage and into veg.

Is this your first outdoor grow? The only reason I ask is, if you actually max out their size in veg you’re going to have done very big plants at harvest.

Also, careful with your water. They look pretty wet.

Yes @PurpNGold74 I woke up and it was a little yellow I put it in the sun with the rest. I just got home and it’s that bad now.

Yeah I just spray bottle watered. It’s a 100 degrees.

Lots of nutes + plenty of water right on the root system + lots of light = thirsty seedlings sucking up lots of yummy nutes. Try watering in small amounts in a circle about the width of the leaves or a little bigger and let them use most of it up before watering again. It will help stretch your roots out and loser chances of over watering or water spotting the leaves.

You’re right @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie I’ve never started seeds in the middle of summer. This is totally new territory so I will watch the watering. I want to keep all of them was told my limit was 5 so they are precious. It’s the lemon milk I believe and they seem very sluggish. The deformed one is also lemon milk. The wastelands are growing good.

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I was thinking nute burn as well. Sun can definitely do some damage too. It is mid summer. Try to offer a bit of shade during midday

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@PurpNGold74 totally think I rushed the 2 little ones to full all day sun. I had been moving them into the shade around 12 till around 3pm. I got a little excited the other were taking off And forced the issue with the babies. I think we all get in a rush. I see everyone’s monsters and am trying to catch up with seedlings :joy:

Hahaha. Take ur time. They grow up so fast… enjoy the stages

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Are used to live right outside of St. Louis. Man…those summer days were no joke.


Yea this shit is unbearable. It was 90 by 11am today.

It’s getting worse. I guess the soil is a little to hot.

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What time should I be watering? I’m only watering once a day in the am. Like maybe 6-7 sprays at the base of the plant. I’m not watering the whole pot. Sun till noon on the small ones and then shade till about 3. It’s like all of them have a little curl or yellowing of leaves. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

No on the nutes! Too young!


@Cannabian I haven’t and that’s the thing… like just happy frog with some green fields as I ran out of the frog when transplanting. Today high 80’s no humidity but the heats on it way. Light water to the base with spray bottle like 5-6 sprays.

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a few issues here, the plants were not hardened off, they are in soil that is getting roasted in 100 degree sun and they are in black pots to make matters worse!
They are babies! Tender and require that you get the a foot or so tall in partial shade. Give them morning sun and afternoon shade until they cover the pot with leaves. Then shade the black pots with anything even a board in front of them, just get the nuclear weapon to stop irradiating the pot! Water in a ring around the plant a bit further every watering until you can drive the water deeper. Just dont over water them. They will survive and do quite well if you ease them into the kiln.

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Dont use a spray bottle, if you have 5 bucks and drug store near by get a few of these

They are super cheap, but make watering small plants very easy and remove the guess work on how much you water them. For small plants like yours, 2 syringes worth a couple inches from the plant in a circle around the plant should be good. Then the next watering move out another inch and double the water. Very quickly you can switch to a measuring cup. The syringes work wicked for measuring liquid plant food too. The numbers wear off so I buy a few at a time.