Out of vertical space in grow tent.....help



I am growing 2 guerilla glue Plants in a 3x3x6ft tent in FF soil. Just flipped them to 12/12 8 days ago.
The highest tips of plants are 3in under the 300w galaxy hydo led. Can’t move the light any higher. Any suggestions would be appreciated


You can supercrop them google it alternatively, the only other option would be to tie them down as best as possible.


Try tying them down like Aolelon suggested and if air flow looks bad you could remove a few fan leaves :scream:


Picture please?


How are your lights hung? I ditched the cable hangers and run 2 ratchet hangers over the bar and gained at least 4". Along with some supercropping as others said, you may be ok. If you flipped 8 days ago, they may stretch a little more.


@lilbia420smoke…options at this point are few.

When the Ladies go into Flowering, they will ALWAYS stretch 1.5 times Veg height…minimum.
They will stretch for two weeks…
Best bet is to slowly bend over till horizontal. Take time doing this slowly. Once horizontal, the plant will grow buds from every branch junction.


Hi there… first time posting … new here too…thanks in advanced… I kind of have the same problem… just started flowering cycle yesterday (12/12) tent is 79”tall te plants are 34” from the ground… here pics… Thanks again


Training training training! This is why lst, topping, and cropping are SUPER critical in the early days. Hows she looking?


Personally, the first thing I had to do would be shorting up the lead wires holding the light that’ll gain you around half a foot, then I’d move the filter and duct work to one side if you have to.


Oh yeah raise it up and move the filter over you’ll have plenty of room like @Randy1966 said just shorten the hanging wires.