Out of power due to hurricane


top heavy by looks you can support them with a bent paper clip or splint of some kind I moved mine to pots by that point which let me bury some of stem and provide more medium for roots to grow in


@Donaldj awesome good to see i did the right thing lol. My gold leaf, silver haze and purple have have all sprouted. They have zero stretching to them. They opened up as soon as they saw light


hope you used a good weak starter soil too hot and they will slow right down or stunt


I mixed it 3/4 black gold coco 0 nutes and 1/4 coco loco.


@bob31 @Donaldj @Ragnar @latewood just wondering how do you get a plant to revert back into veg. All the sun leafs had died on the small plants( went i to flower way to early) i have been trying to get them back into veg for almost 3 weeks now. I did 24hours dark and they have been getting been on 18/6 and veg nutes ever since. No new growth other than flowers still slowly growing.


How large was the plant and how late in flower? Both factor I am currently reverting a trunk it is a timely process depending how many buds remain on plant and it’s overall health
Don’t expect fast veg growth and what looks like buds growing can actually be early start of new leafs


@Donaldj it was only 3 weeks old when it went into flower. Its been in flower for about 3 months not including the 3 weeks i have been reverting. I took off the tops and left the lower buds.


15 days since gold leaf, purple haze and silver haze sprouted. @bob31 @Donaldj @Ragnar


Silver was going crazy and all the sudden it slowed down. Assuming it doesn’t like the colder temps since thats when it slowed down. Purp is doing good just has to high ppm. Ill be changing water tomorrow since it will be in the 70s and not the 30s. I couldnt be happier with the gold leaf. It started slow but has gone crazy in the last 4 days


They look good. Cooler temps will definitely slow them down @Dwells823


@bob31 thanks. Yeah sadly the cold got here sooner than expected. I was out of town when the temps dropped below 50. Yay FL weather. 70 one day and 30 the next. I just mived them into 5gal buckets the other day. Can’t believe they already out grew 1 gal pots. Out grew solo cup in 3 days after sprout


Are you trying to revert an autoflower?


@Donaldj. No it was a bag seed from some mids.


so it very well could be an auto then being a bag seed I typically expect to see signs of a plant reverting within 10 days my trunk that I am reverting went all the way to harvest 9 weeks and what little growth I left on it has already started to revert in less than 2 weeks under veg lights?


@Donaldj think i should put them back under the CFL’s. Right now they are under 2 galaxyhydro 300w.


@bob31 @Donaldj @latewood @Ragnar got a question. Im doing my purple haze in DWC. My first grow went good and not many ph problems. This grow is a different story. I can’t seem to keep the ph right. Not sure if the changing weather could be part of the problem(70s+ one week 40s- the next). Also i have noticed it looking over watered the last 2 days. I changed the water 3 days ago. Left it 1" below net pot. Should i add another air stone? Not sure if it just not getting enough air with as fast as it is growing.



I’m not a dwc guy but I know a couple of questions to ask.

@Dwells823 are your nutrient levels staying constant? (TDS) How are the water temps?


@bob31 water temp has been between 55-72°f. Inside air stays between 60-80. Nutes have been ok other than low nitrogen( added some super thrive) i have been giving 1/4 nutes(about 400ppm in and around 100 out). Changing water once a week. Pretty much doing exactly the same as last grow. Only difference has been lights(upgraded) and outside temps


#1 purple haze, #2 super silver haze, #3 gold leaf