Out of power due to hurricane


Welcome back @Dwells823 awesome on the harvest. Wait till it has cured a few weeks it will get better with age. Burp them down below 60 and they will be sweet!

I’ve followed along Coco grows but I don’t recall that exact brand. But in sure we can figure it out. No nutrients in coco so feeding starts much earlier and is about every other day, so a bit more work.


@bob31 Coco loco has stuff added so i wont be feeding for a few weeks. Guess its a mix between coco and soil. Ill list whats in it in a little bit. Not many review on it but everybody seems to love fox farm so it cant be to bad lol




Does the bag indicate the pH that they recommend? If not I would recommend a slurry test. @Dwells823

Slurry Test

In a glass

Take an equal part of water and adjust pH to 6.5 Add and equal part of your growing medium

Stir and wait 15 minutes and stir again. Let settle for a moment and test pH.

Also refresh my memory, do you have a TDS meter?


@bob31 yes i have one. I did play around with it my last grow. This grow ill be watching it like a hawk lol. I do believe i saw it recommends ph of 6.3 but i saw some people saying they got better results at 5.8 witch i believe that’s the preferred ph for hydro. Seeing that its coco wouldn’t i treat it as hydroponics? Last grow i kept ph at 5.8-6.0. Ended up with almost 2oz from 3 small plants. As you have seen from the pics i posted from the grow. Plants didnt have much room to grow, from base of plant to scrog was only 11.5 inches. New grow i am gaining 12.5 inches by cutting out holes for the buckets to sit in.


@bob31 @Ragnar my new cabinet. Using it for seedlings. Utilizing all the CFL lights i had from last grow.


Plan on putting mylar on inside of the glass door seeing the paint wasn’t enough and getting a rubber seal to put around the door to keep light in/out. Much smaller place with the same cfl lights should be good for seedlings


Yes, it will be great seedling- clones incubator…
You indoor guys are like mad inventors…:joy::joy::joy::joy:


That looks very good, I like fosilized bat guano , kelp and worm castings…here goes your NPK, , but I am sure you need to start feeding in 2 months or so…
Hey, again, Happy growing and keep me posted :wink::wink::wink::wink:


@Ragnar yep anything can be a grow box LMAO. Sadly i almost lost my outdoor plants. Went out of town and being florida and our crazy weather. It was in the 80s when i left and dropped into low 30s while i was gone


They should be ok , low 30’s is not going to hurt them if its not too long and often…


@ so far 1 week of cold weather and 3 plants dead. Luckily they was young and already full of problems. Being bag seeds i stopped dumping all my stuff into them trying to fix everything and saved it for my good seeds. I was able to save the 2 older plants. Thinking about sending both back into veg. 1 went into flower way to early and the other has had bad luck. Light fell on it during hurricane breaking it. Then my dog got ahold of it.


Ooh man, how low and how long are those temps ?
Forgot to tell you when you expecting a cold snap, do not water !!!


@Ragnar know lol i gave them water right after i moved them into the box. They had gone 4 days without water and was dry. They now have a small heater (on low) blowing on the buckets so the roots stay warm. Temps stay between 62-75. Heater is far enough away that it doesn’t get them hot


Yeah, I have 2 propane heaters in my greenhouse and 2 fans moving the air around, it feels like garden of Eden :wink:
Anyway, keep the rest of the grow alive to the end man, it will be great smoke after all that stress…


Teacher My dog ate my homegrow.


@Ragnar i was gonna put them back into veg, but i cant make myself mess up them pretty buds lol. Hell they should be done in a few weeks anyways. Got 12 more bag seeds sprouted and my gold leaf , silver haze, and purple haze should be done with germ today and dropping them in rapid rooters


Very good, happy growing :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:


So out of the 12 bag seeds i started 6 are laying over now. Not sure if they got top heavy or way to hot. I swapped out the CFL lights for one of the galexyhydro 300 i have. I removed to lid to let some cooler air on them and see if they try to stand back up. I have been giving them 6.0 ph water 2 times a day( 3 sprays from spray bottle). Thinking about transplanting into solo cups now. They all have good tap root started and out about 1/4 inch out the bottom of rapid rooters. @bob31 @Ragnar @Donaldj


I went ahead and put them in solo cups and moved my light up some. Put soil about 1/2- 3/4 up the stem so they don’t start to get top heavy