Out of power due to hurricane


@Dwells823 they would prefer to stay about 75 but at the most try and keep the high and low temps within 10 degrees if possible.

What stage are your plants? How old? I read too many topics to remember


@bob31. 6weeks into flower. I didnt expect it to get that cold but i forgot to turn off my fan. Last time i turned it off and it stayed 72°


@bob31 @Donaldj @latewood am i going to be having humidity problems do to the fact i have 2 DWC 5gallon buckets and 1 3 gallon cocoa in a 5’x2.5’x5’ box


I grow outdoor in temps 45-90 F , average day in summer is 50 at night 90 at day…
Gold leaf love it and if you grow anything Kush the cold nights will make it some of the best bud you will ever experience…
Unless temp goes below 40 F I am not even dealing with it…
Happy growing !


soil tends to make more humidity due to simple fact it has greater surface area and evaporates faster so the plants themselves will be biggest factor that is a tight space. In order to keep humidity down you need good airflow and temps fresh air in humid air out this is environmental control 101 temps should be between 78-68 but can be lower or higher lights on and off for instance My veg space 73-62f stays close to 70f mark most of the time. First off result of cooler temp is plants grow slower drink less etc. secondly when temps dip below 60f Phosphorus becomes less available this is when the problems start. Noticing the signs of multiple Deficiencies little to no growth most panic and start to feed flush and adjust everything without addressing root cause which is temps raising temp will lower humidity and speed up growth.
Now you can say yeah right you probably grow in a climate controlled space :stuck_out_tongue: you would be quite wrong last winter I grew in a shed under insulated running off 2 extension cords using 4’x4’ plywood boxes with an ambient temp of -14f outside my grow boxes :wink: I got to see all sorts of F’d up crap with my ladies who hit highs of 60f lows barely above 50f
I managed to flower out in hydro and soil and also kept my plant alive until I built a new shed to grow in once again no heat ac :wink: My lights are my heat exhaust is my forced air intake is my humidity and temp regulator


Cooler temps with Kush is one thing also with day time highs like that the ground warms keeping root zone more comfy and sunlight is a different animal in that it is perfect. A plant grown outdoors has the advantage of constant fresh air and time to adapt


Exactly, thats why I grow this winter in greenhouse in 65 gal pots, they act as a reservoir of heat for cold nights…


@bob31 @Ragnar @Donaldj @latewood. Got the temp at 75 day and around 67 at night last night. Finally got the humidity down to 45%. Humidity spiked high over night. Was at 79% when i woke up. Have it back down to 48% now. Don’t really want to leave heater on all night, but i really don’t like the humidity changes. Wont that cause mold or bud rot


depends at what part of the grow. @Dwells823



Only Compost


yep, should have said that, lol @Rexx







Your girls look pretty droopy. Did you just water/ feed them prior to those pictures?


@bob31. Just flushed and changed water yesterday


my small outdoor plants


@bob31 @Ragnar @Donaldj @latewood. Well had to early harvest do to the holidays and didn’t expect so much family around lol. Curing it now, ended up with almost 2oz dry. Happy with the yield being my first grow and harvesting a few weeks early. Didnt smoke to bad for early, uncured bag seed lol. About to start another grow with my new seeds. Starting 1 gold leaf 1 super silver haze and 1 purple haze. Just got a bag of bush doctor coco-loco. Was wondering if yall have heard anything good or bad about it


Very well, good job, I have no experience with this type of soil sorry…
Anyway, happy new grow !