Out of power due to hurricane


I agree with dj, but I have my own comment. You defoliated everything but the tops. Over pruned. Whatever you want to call it. There is nothing left to sustain more growth. It has been cut off. Just syain’ :wink:


@latewood i didn’t trim it other than topping it.


I have 2 more the same age that havent started flowering yet. Both in my grow box n 12/12. Only trimmed 1 due to bad nute burn and the leafs where already dieing. But they both have lots of growth on them now compared to that one


@Ragnar @bob31 @Donaldj @latewood how long into flower do the tricombs normally start to show?



I’m sure there is a scientific answer, but generally by about 4 weeks of flowering for sure.


@bob31 ok awesome so my girls are right on time. 3 weeks into flower and already getting frosty. Should the pistils start to change colors already though. On a few they have already got a few that are turning red maybe 2%.



the pistils will come and go and you may even get new one right up till near harvest. Every new one is basically a new bud forming. One they get about 6-7 weeks flowering it’s time to look at the trichomes. You’ll need a jewelers loupe or a really good magnifier

here is a pic of my gold leaf. She is right at 8 weeks now!

Thats a bud about the size of a beer can. I’ve got about 15 of them LOL


Ok sweet. Damn wish i had a few of them lol. Should be getting my settlement next week and im ordering a new light. The CFLs did the job but i can tell the plants want more light.counted 66 buds last night off of 3 plants but can tell they will be small. Though i still have about 4-6 weeks i dont see them getting that big @bob31. Thinking about going LED.


There are lots of good current threads on here right now about lights. When you are getting close to buying tag me and I will get a couple of guys over to help you decide. Some lights are better than others, and I’m not that well versed.

They do grow best in the 40-50 watts (actual draw watts) per sq foot of grow space. I’m running about 55 per sq foot myself.


@bob31 @Ragnar @latewood @Donaldj 5week flower update. I ordered 2. Galaxyhydro 300watt lights will be here monday. Just ordered the platinum pac. Cant wait to get them.


They look good and happy there @Dwells823

The Platinum is a nice mixpack! Any of them a favorite?


@bob31 first time ordering. I have had super silver haze before though. Think my first grow is doing good for what I’m using lol. My next should be better plus working with much better equipment. When this grow is done im overhauling my grow box


exactly @Dwells823 learn from the good and the bad and make it better! Exactly Right! You won’t believe how much better the second grow is and then the third…


Cant wait to grow them. If them bag seeds are doing this good with maybe 1/3 the light it should have. I can imagine what i can do with good lights and good seeds @bob31


Looking quite charming, good job !!:wink::wink:


Add good soil and nutrients and the sky is the limit. My last harvest was a scrogged gold leaf that weighed in at over a pound wet. From one plant! @Dwells823


@bob31. Nice hope mine gets close to that lol. I have 2 dwc and 1 cocoa. I’m using black gold cocoa mix and GH floragro. My tap water ph is 5.8 so that helps lol


@bob31 @Ragnar @latewood


@Dwells823 don’t be too specific, but where are you that your tap comes out 5.8? Curious??