Out of power due to hurricane


I left it light bar lower seeing it puts off little to no heat


Take the tops that are pushing thru the screen and bend them over and keep them under the screen until you are ready to flower them.


@bob31. I will be. I screwed up and did it 4" x4" instead of 2"x2". Need to fix it. I did try super cropping them the other day. Clearly didn’t do it right seeing most of the tops i bent are standing back up. Then again i only did the tops so that the rest of the shoots would catch up. It kind of worked. Giving it a week before i give them anymore stress.


This being my first grow I’ve done a lot that i wont do my next grow. For 1 i wont start 3 plants in the same DWC. Roots grew way faster than i thought so i got 3 stuck in 1 bucket. Figured its better to leave them be rather risking damaging or killing them trying to separate them. And over trimming, I’ve done just a little bit almost every week trying to get them bushed out how i wanted them. Think i put them through to much stress so they stayed smaller. Only took a few clipping off of each once a week or i topped/fimed them.


@bob31 @Ragnar. So since I’ve changed over to 12/12 for a week and no signs of sex i decided to not only go 12/12 but also only used my full spec led lights (red/blue) for the last 2 days so its less light hours plus less light. And it tripped some of my plants and the rest look like they should be showing soon. Got me at least 1 more girl and sadly another male i think. Waiting until tomorrow to decide if im going to pull it. Not sure if its more growth or a big cluster of pods forming all at once.


the one we all thought was a male. @bob31 @Donaldj @Ragnar


Hard to see but so far 1 fuzzy flower lol


I did notice that the flower is completely different between males and females even before they are showing sex. Females are more wispy and males are more solid. If im right about that i should have 5 females. Just pulled another 2 males out today



pistils are easier to spot once they grow out a little git and tend to circle the stem. Males tend to cluster up with their little male parts… Forget the technical term… @Dwells823

Thats the beauty of the MJ they will show themselves if you give them time!


Yeah i thought i saw 1 last night but wasn’t sure if it was just a hair or something. Didn’t even look like part of the plant. Think i should have made a bigger scrog. Its filling up way faster than i thought it would @bob31


@bob31 @Donaldj @Ragnar @latewood any idea wtf this is. Its only on the bottom 2 shoots of my girl.

its silver and shiney. Almost looks like somebody sprayed bumper chrome on them


This is the rest of her



Awesome thanks @Donaldj. Easy fix. She has been growing like crazy so figured it couldnt be something that bad.


I intentionally use cool temps during dark to get color to come out :wink:


@Donaldj @bob31 @Ragnar @latewood. Another ? So my youngest plant has been flowering for 2 weeks now. Flowers are doing great but the plant isn’t producing any fan leafs or anymore shoots. Any idea why it hasn’t? It has been toped twice and thats all the trimming that has been done. Once at 2 weeks from seed and once more a week later. Up until 2 weeks ago it was outside, now its in my grow box it is 7 weeks old now.


@Donaldj been thinking about making a cold air box out of a cooler for my intake to get colder temps. Though the weather just started cooling off to low 70s at night now so ill hold off on doing it. Plus being my first grow im trying to keep it simple though I’ve done a bad job at it. Seeing I’ve topped some, fimmed some, super cropped some, scroged some, growing in cocoa and doing DWC. Figured screw it, They bag seeds what can it hurt. It’s all about learning lol


First off you put her in flower too small plants don’t tend to produce too many fan leaves after stretch during flower so most won’t flower a plant which doesn’t have healthy leaf development. Without the infrastructure (leaves) your plant won’t add too many limbs since it can’t feed or support growth on them


@Donaldj kind of figured that. It was outside when the time change hit and i didnt even think about it till she started flowering.she has 6 nice flowers going a 2 small ones. She will be my early harvest lol