Out of power due to hurricane


the leaf rooted or the stem of the leaf rooted? @Dwells823


The stem. It was just laying on top and a couple days later i saw roots @bob31


did it come from one of the males? @Dwells823


Not one that i pulled out today. So im not 100% sure seeing the one it came off of isn’t showing yet@ @bob31


came from this one @bob31


that looks female so that should be ok! Nice bonus on the clone! @Dwells823


Awesome. I wasn’t sure if that was a girl and no hair yet or if it was just another set of leafs coming in lol. I have 5 more that look the same.


Including the we that was thought to be a male @bob31


If i even get 5 out of 12 ill be happy. Then i can really play around with them seeing ill have a lot more room



You will want to keep an eye on that one though and let’s see some more pics in a day or so to be sure! @Dwells823


Will do. Been watching that one like a hawk but haven’t seen any changes as of yet. I did put them back into veg for a lil bit after i got power back. They was extremely fragile after the hurricane. Not sure if it was the light change or the crazy high humidity that caused it. All are nice and strong again now. Put them in flower 4 days ago so ill be checking them a few times a day now. Seeing the 2 had pods all over them just from today @bob31


Just gave my 4 week old baby some nutes today and noticed something awesom @bob31,


The plants left in box still haven’t really showed anything yet. I did make a scrog for a few of them and so far everything is loving it.

lower shoots are loving the extra light lol @bob31 @Ragnar


Everyone looks great @Dwells823 Keep up the great work!


Thanks @bob31. Now my biggest problem is lightning. I have a few more CFL bulbs to add but no fixtures. i have a florescent grow light i need to add too. Sucks being on a very small budget. The florescent light i just need to figure out where to put it. Thinking about adding it under the canopy. I may not get very many big buds but i should end up with a lot of smaller ones.


One of the concerns with not having enough lighting is that the plants will actually stretch to the light. And grow thin and stringy. Anything you can do to increase the available light is a bonus! What have you got for wattage right now @Dwells823



The last pic is the one that was thought to be a male. Right now it’s 1 65watt full spec led, 1 45 watt full spec led, and 3 large 85watt CFL.think they are 5200kel. I do have a 100 wat day light but it puts off a lot of heat @bob31


I havent had a problem with stretching but I’ve kept the lights low. Move them a inch every other day. Removed my reflector seeing how the full box is covered with mylar. And it got rid of a lot of heat. Im kinda SOL on the lights now though. Can only bring them up another 1". I have them about 14" above the plants now. @bob31