Out of power due to hurricane


I’d give it a few more days @Dwells823 or take a pic under plain old white light or natural light. I’m leaning towards male @Countryboyjvd1971


Male :wink: :rage::japanese_ogre:


Yeah i was afraid of that. Its one of my nicest plants. Still good practice and learning.


This sucks. My 2 nicest plants are males


Can i make anything out of them to at least get something back? @bob31, @Donaldj , @Ragnar @latewood


You need to remove them asap before they pollinated your other plants!


As far as doing anything else with them? I don’t think so… @Dwells823


Just pulled them out of my grow box. Crazy part is i didnt even see the pods this morning when i turned on my lights and now they are covered in them


Saw they can be used for oils and extracts but not sure if its worth the time to do it


The 1 for sure female i have my dog broke today. Wasnt so mad cuz it has done nothing at all. 8 weeks old and looks like its maybe 2 weeks from seed. Then i noticed all the white hairs. Dog broke the base of it i dug it up wrapped it up and put her in my box hoping she makes it


Its literally 4" tall and has only grown 4 sets of leafs. Looks healthy. Well she did untill today


What are the odds the rest in my box are females? The 2 that grew the tallest and fastest are both males. And the rest have yet to show signs. They all get the same water, nutes and light


where did you get the seeds? A male is a male from seed. @Dwells823

tag me when you answer, like I tagged you so I know you answered me, thanks!


@bob31. They are all bag seeds. Didn’t buy any seeing it is my first grow and had a bunch i had saved up.


ok. So they are males. I did see an article worth looking thru…

if it were me I would cut them down and start a couple more seeds @Dwells823


this is the girl that got ran over by my dog



think she will make it


maybe… maybe not. It looks like the dog chewed on her? @Dwells823

I would spray her leaves with pH water and put a dome over her if you have something big enough? get the humidity up nice and high. Other than that there isn’t much more you can do unless you have super thrive or mykos or something>


Got a dome over her already just took it off to take the pic lol. I do have some super thrive. Should i mix that in the spray bottle? @bob31


@bob31 another question is it normal for a fan leaf that was trimmed off to start rooting? I trimmed another plant about a week ago and just left them in the pot and 1 started rooting. I did transplant it to another pot. I thought shoots was what would take root.