Out of power due to hurricane

Just wondering will my 6 week old plants go into flower without much if any light, assuming they survive. Hoping that they make it. I have 4 in DWC and 5 in soil. They not liking all this humidity. Havent watered them in 3 days and are looking over watered. Using GH flora, bag seeds, soil is a mix of black gold cocoa potting mix, vermiculite, and clay pebbles. Soil ph is 6.4 and DWC is 5.9

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Are your pumps working and can you move them into daylight to try and keep them getting better hours of light?
If pumps aren’t working add 10-15ml per L peroxide to nutrient solution daily it will help add o2 as for light windows and try to keep them getting 14+ hurs a day if you can


Trying to find a place to hide them seeing i have nosy neighbors. My grow box is on my car port with door off so they are getting some light just not much. Wouldnt be so hard to hide if i didnt end up with so many lol. No extra outlets from my generator so no power for the pumps. Thinking of unplugging my fridge for a few hours to plug pumps in. To much work gone into this to lose them. Very little money into it so its been extra work. Built grow box, light reflector for 3 large cfl lights, brackets for my lights, brackets for the 2 LED full spec lights, Co2 generator I have about $100 into it. Once power is back on im cutting out holes in the bottom of box for the bucket to sit in to gain another 2’ grow space

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If you have any kind of artificial light that you could use to introduce some amount of light, that will keep them from flowering. A camping torch (electric or battery powered.)?

Also; The plants in bubblers will drown if you do not get the roots some Oxygen. Get some empty buckets or big pots and remove the entire lid and place roots in an airy environment. Monitor them and if they start to dry out, dip them into the bubbler solution for 15 minutes or so and then back into empty buckets.

Good luck. All hell breaking loose here 3" of water standing in the yard and it is a Squall. Later all.


Stay safe guys !!!

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buy them their own generator! @Dwells823

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Would it be to early to send them into flower. Most are not very tall but are bushy. I’ve toped them once already about 2 weeks ago. All are at least 8" tall and i know they should double in size( hopefully). Not trying to have monsters seeing i have so many and not enough room. All have at least 8 nodes.

They could probably flower now. Let’s see a pic first before I say absolutely yes!

Ill upload some tomorrow when i have a better signal. They don’t want to upload. It just spent 10min at 100% then stopped

my 2 tallest my deformed shrubbery (aka peggy) lol

Yeah they’re big enough to flower @Dwells823 the longer you veg the higher the yield but those can flower no problem!

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Flower them no problem just like @bob31 said good luck

Awesome. I may just put a few into flower to get some sooner and make some room for the others. I adopted a few from my buddy before the hurricane. We started them the same day and mine are way ahead of his. They are 6weeks from seed. His look like a week or 2 old. They exploded with growth once i took over. I screwed up when i started out and forgot to get pots for them so sadly they have been transplanted way to many times to keep up with the growth. So far im happy with how they are doing. A little small but thats my fault, live and learn lol.

He did all of his DWC and had the water about 3/4 the way up the net pot. They all had root rot but i was able to save a few. Put them in my small DWC and they started taking off again. Roots looking nice and health. He was using lake water and didnt ph it. First thing i did was dump it out and gave fresh water and about a 1/8 dose of nutes. Though i had to move them in with mine to save room when i brought them inside, so they are getting even more now assuming the bigger plants are not taking it all.

Another question. Right now im still doing a half dose of nutes on my plants. Should i bump that up to a full dose? At least on the plants im going to start flowering

So i got my power back on and moved my plants back out to the grow box. Any idea what made my plants like glass. Every time i touched a few of them a fan leaf or shoot would fall off. They are still pretty and green and look healthy. Could it be the lack of good light for a week? I replanted the shoots hoping for a couple clones.

is this a male. Im not 100% just checking before i pull it. @bob31 @Ragnar @Donaldj @

Need closer look, looks like a boy from here , but wait for others opinions…

a little better view lol. Phone didnt want to work with me