Out of likes, Wait 219 Hours


I keep getting this error message or similar since about 10pm EDT Last evening

@ILGM.Support.Roy @latewood @garrigan65


Yup, me too. Then it said 16 minutes and rolled back over to 200 hours again.


hahaha @Daddy Hopefully they get it figured out!


I’d give you a like but…lol


yeah me too



Well you passed on the “no likes” curse :rage: I’m now UP to 222 :nauseated_face:


I’m all out likes also, I have to wait 229 hours. @bob31


I sent this over to Latewood



Down to 6 hours. IT is probably working on it :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


I was down to 16inutes at zero it reset to 241 hours @SmoknGranny. Dont get your hopes up lol


Well got you all beat…

“You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 418324.20814591355 hours before trying again” :slight_smile::sunglasses:


:rofl: too too funny! I’m back up to 219!


That’s awesome @Kcdaniels


Well shucks!


Well :poop:!!! No one will ever like what I have to say again.


well not for 219 hours anyway… BTW the number of hours is still 200+ Every once in awhile I can get a couple out!



I keep getting this lol


nope, you’ve been hacked lol


I thought I beat the “no love curse” but it got me tonight. I’ll send you all some love in 212 hours. :heartpulse: :purple_heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :green_heart: :blue_heart:


its contagious