Out of hibernation, I am


The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things. Of pots, soils, Ph levels and of moisture in the air :slight_smile: So, it’s been a long winter here in New England and I’ve been itching to start my outdoor grow again. I still have about 2 feet of snow in the backyard covering my garden . With warm weather and Easter around the corner I know my season is about to start. I’ve already thrown a few seeds in water, some in soil and popping.
In water I have 5 Aurora Indica regular seeds ( free bee’s ) and the two that are sprouting. One is a bubblegum auto bean. One green crack auto flowering bean.
The regular beans i will put into the ground and autos into pots. These are just the first of many. Girl scout cookies, LSD25, blue dream and alien vs triangle to come. Photos will be following.


Can’t wait to watch


Here’s the sprouting green crack. Damn kitten ate my bubblegum sprout. Glad I buy 10 packs lol


Welcome back! :slight_smile:


Woohoo welcome back @bruinsfan33


7 in the sun window. One sprout


5 days after sprout Green Crack auto


Just sprouting is my Alien vs Triangle auto. Ripley’s OG x Triangle Kush


Almost a week and all the beans popped. Some stretching a bit, figured that would happen anyways with the sun window for now.


I picked up this beauty today.


Transplanted a green crack auto today into a 5 gallon smart pot. Others are looking good.


Today was the Alien vs Triangle’s turn for a transplant.



Rainy day inside with my girl and the sprouts.


Some pictures of the autos, a transplant and month later. The alien vs Triangle is already showing gave first round of fox farm. Green crack looking good.

3 out of the 5 Aurora Indicas that lasted. One looks to have a natural split. Wont even top.


The one that forked


Blue dream auto planted in 5 gallon pot


Blue dream auto


Got the green house set up today


@bruinsfan33 What kind of ventilation does that greenhouse have? It’s the perfect size for what you have in there.