Out of control organic outdoor grow!

Well, my entire operation was supposed to be a lot more organized.

After having 2 NL plants that I thought would start to flower go rogue monster veg state and take over one of my 4’x4’ boxes, I’ve got a ton of plants that don’t have “homes”.

I’ll break down the Individuals later, but here is some pics for now:

Skunk family with 2 NL and on Afghani in the mix, started 2/17:


These were started on 3/25: Grand Daddy Purple, Gorilla Glue, Sour diesel, Durban Poison.


Yes, it’s a damn shame your Ladies are big, fat n healthy. Many would like to have THAT problem…lol


Northern lights are a sneaky monster plants the just relax and then booooom took over everything. Good luck

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I know, but I did not plan on going so big. I wanted short single cola plants!

You are telling me!!! This is a week ago, they are even crazier now. I have been supercropping them.


Such a curse…lol

Make the most out of it. LST-super crop and harvest big juicy buds.


I hear you, at this pace I might have a nuisance complaint from my neighbors because of the smell.

The Afghani box at night is already pretty strong! It’s not like 6 skunk #1 females will be any less pungent!



Thanks @WickedAle. I’m working on getting my wife to green light the kitchen, we will eat out every meal!

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Hey do your afghani have a lemony smell? Want to know if they are similar Afghan to my Black Indica (Afghan/OG hybrid)

Right now they have a fruity smell, I can’t say lemony distinctly.

But they are starting to get that skunk smell coming on.

I’ll get my wife to sniff em and tell me if there is any lemon there.

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In any case they look great!

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Thanks. Can’t wait to see if they taste great! ILGM genetics on the Afghanis looks solid.

Had to chop an Afghani. Found bud rot at the main cola top. I could have removed the section and let it finish, but decided to sacrifice for the good of the community.

Also found one of my best white widow autos was a hermaphrodite, chop! Way to early on that one, but again for the good of the community…


After circumcising:


What a bummer for you, I have 3 Afghanis just come into flower and so I will keep a weather eye on them and keep the fan cranking away.

Good thing you got the mold early. That stuff will spread quickly.

Yeah, thank you. I spend at least 30 min a day checking them out. I actually thought it was caterpillar damage at first.

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May I Ienquire what methods you used in defeating the filthy mould ?