Out of control 7 foot plant

Good evening hope everybody is well I am a new growth I need some help I had posted a couple of times but not too many answers my issue is my plant is out of control due to my own doing it’s about 7 ft tall looks great on the top of the kolu’s looking good I’m not sure what’s going on with the budding or flowering of the plant also I have a issue with yellow leaves I am sending you pics please review try to help me if you can I really want to see these plants a seed thanks for your time and


Leaves dying like that at this stage of flower is pretty normal the plant is looking good you can pinch those off.

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thanks how are my colas looking seems like little buds/flowers going along the branch how much longer you think? is that what they are?

                                                                   thanks again

Hi, my first guess was Zinc deficiency. All things considered, it must have been a small dose before flowering happened. I dunno…

Growing is a mindset, based on humility. We listen to the plant. When it is ready, she will show you. This instance of deficiency should allow you a long trip down the rabbit hole of nutrients/feeding the ladies properly.
Regardless of bud density,get a jewelers loupe and examine the terps on your bud. That may help you know when it is ready. What kind of effect are you looking for?
Never get a low yielding plant and think you can give it more nutes to produce more. Get a medium going with low levels of nutrients that allows the plant to grow as it should,and save yourself the headache because so many strains eat differently.

Never shoot a large man with a small cali-shit,I’m stoned. Sorry…

@plumbdand made a good point about the transformation from veg to flower,and a different absorption of nutrients. Since potassium is crucial in flowering,fan leaves often fade with the onset of flowering.

I will shut up here because I am no expert.

Please look at a chart for excess or deficiency of nutrients.
Best of luck!
SL out.

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thanks for your input i will keep working on it

@Thebull They look great….yellowing leaves IS common throughout the stages of growth….if your feeding them nutrients then definitely be careful not to splash the leaves or it will burn em for sure….also avoid splashing water on the plant directly…this will help overall in the long run to not set up mold chances…again they look great…consider starting a journal to log your progress of knowledge as there is prolly more people here that will get you through your grow than anywhere else

:sunglasses::call_me_hand:t2: good luck