Out of control 2020

With the new moon coming Thursday I predict fast drying…


We shall see! My tears at approx 65%.


congrats! but… wut?

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The slower the dry the better the herb.

Just checked my Drying tent. It’s 82% humidity. I’ll check it tonight. Might need to add exhaust!


Beautiful best wishes on this sister brother!

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Do you think a light fan is a good idea if your just hanging inside in the dark. I’m thinking 14 days. I am about 18/23 % done. Would you still feed this late?

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I have a small desktop style fan, lowest setting blowing indirectly in the tent.


Congratulations on a superb harvest AAA, beautiful buds.

I have been contemplating this myself, the last couple dried out way too quick and it smokes harsher than previous…


Thanks @Enlightened420.

I’ve had week long dries and almost month long.

Better flavor, smoothness, and high on the month long.

My drying tent started out the first day at 82%.

Yesterday, 2 days later it was 76%.

Those humidity levels scared me when I first started so I would crank up an exhaust fan. But I’ve realized, that’s the buds drying out. That’s why my humidity has dropped over a few days.

My final thoughts are the higher the humidity while still getting the buds to dry some is best.


How many days of flowering did you have before this chop?

Just curious cuz i see a lot of folks under the impression this season is shorter, buds ripening faster - which might be the case for many who had weird weather like the smoke out here - but seems like folks quick to chop vs going full term - which to me is 60+ days regardless of the strain

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This was a long flowering cycle, but I started indoors. My full term outdoor plants are 3-6 weeks away from chop, my guess at least.

So, hard to say. But I was in flower for at least 90 days on this inside to outside transplant.


Ohh ok that makes so much more sense, thanks for clarifying gromie :pray:

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Avec plaisir!

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Hmm almost month long dry,
I’m assuming you hang the plant whole? I did both this grow, definitely preferred hanging whole.
I was scared about mold, so set the dehu on 40% and had air coming from the ventilation above (big mistake). My favourite so far has been, final flush, then no water, hang whole, (tried to leave it a week, but didn’t make 4 days) slow cure 62%, but it still dried out too quick for my liking. When you have some spare time, I’d like to hear your method please?


@Enlightened420, I wash my harvest, so impossible to hang the whole plant.

I process into 12-20” colas and hang in a drying tent inside my house.

While we live in so cal, and it’s supposed to be dry like a desert here, the humidity has been in the 70-80% range.

Depending on how fast the initial hang dry proceeds, Usually, at 7-10 days I put the buds in paper grocery bags, crease the top closed, and place back in the tent.

Then every day open the bag to inspect. That’s it. My drying was a lot quicker when I stared growing last year as I was afraid of mold/mildew. Doing a bud wash with peroxide/water has given me the confidence to prolong the dry time.

Hope that helps!


Now for the ugly.

I’ve had some type of mite and aphids here and there. I have lazily sprayed with peroxide solution, used captain jacks, and then started adding long pipes, californicus mites, and lacewings.

Things seemed to be under control, but somehow I missed a breeding cycle or something with the aphids.

I checked my flower room last night and they had exploded!

I culled 2 granny skunk plants that were overrun, then defoliated the large ECSD(barely had and mites) and all the granny skunks.

This morning with lights off I dad a peroxide foliar/stem drench.

Here is the room after defoliation.


Exactly what I do.

I did have an issue of the buds still drying too fast, but that is remedied by placing the brown paper bag into a trash bag and twist it closed to creat a micro climate. Humidity is held in longer but the paper bag wicks moisture. You still have to open it and move the buds around daily, like any bag dry; but I can get 18-27 day slow dry before jarring.


@Enlightened420 :arrow_heading_up:


Thanks guys,
Will definitely try this, might do a budwash, hang whole, then paper bag.
Appreciate it :v:


Ya know hanging the entire plant after the wash sounds great! Do you think the integrity of the results differs if you dry and hang smaller sections vs the entire plant?

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