Out of control 2020

Well, last year was a mess. I had plans to have a nice orderly garden, plants had different ideas. All plants started indoors and finished outdoors.

This year I started with a clear plan and and my inability to complete my flower room on schedule screwed that up. I’ll be flowering indoors and outdoors.

I’ve got a 2x4 tent with 2x288 V1 qb for veg and 4x7 flower room with 4x288 V2 rspecs where I will use 4x4 as my “canopy”.

The goal is to drop full packs of regular seeds and run through them as fast as I can to pheno hunt all the while keeping males to pollinate with and taking clones, keeping them in limbo before culling the losers.

I really want to do SOG style grows with mono clone crops to have homogenous weight as my end game.

Attempting living soil, no till.


The tent:


Set to watching!

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Females started 11/18 potted up to 3 gallon 12/15

  • Munson #2
  • Munson #4
  • Munson # 1 not showing, guess female
  • Freebird #4
  • Freebird #3
  • 6 mil #3
  • 6 mil #1

Males started 11/18 potted up to 3 gallon 12/15

  • Freebird #1
  • 6 mil #4
  • 6 mil #3
  • Freebird #2
  • Munson # 3

Males were kicked outside to finish.

I’ve got another 12 Skunkband V2 started 12/2 and half potted up to 3 gallon 1/5

Also have 2 east coast sour diesel clones i had shipped from Texas. This is supposedly the original cut.


And… the outdoor winter crop:

1x Sour Diesel
1x Gold Leaf
1x La Confidental
1 X Super Lemon Haze

1x Wiily Nelson

These were started under LED in a windowsill on a 14 hour schedule and transplanted outdoors on 12/7.

Dark ones are the males that got kicked outside.


Advance viewing of flower room, not finished. Small passive air intake on far end, 2x 8” exhaust vents.

I laid a polycurimine floor down on a rainy day. 2 weeks later, the floor was still gooey. I layed it too thick with too high RH.

Had to scrape up large gooey sections, get the rest to dry, sand by hand, and lay a repair layer. Not fun.

I’ve got 2x 20 amp circuits to the room, 4 outlets on one side, 4 on the other, GFCI.


Right on @Noctis420. It’s going to get real… messy that is!


Also, need to start taking photo vertically!


I’m going to hitch a ride along as well, if you don’t mind. I am set to watching. Awesome looking so far :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


Very nice setup you got going on there.


You’ve definitely got your hands full. :wink:
Watching for sure. :+1::v:


Love the floor coating. I was debating on something like that for my room to cover up the concrete floors and make it easier to clean . I’m sold on it now Seeing how nice yours came out. Looks great!


@AAA Boom, thats alot going on… Lol good luck and a very nice setup! Can’t wait to see these mature!!


Very nice you’re going to be busy.


Talk about being a busy bee…good luck. :+1:


Very nice plan, hope all works out for you in 2020 @AAA And you grow some killer weed ! :smiley:

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I’m all outta likes but you know I’m set to watching. Best of luck with the grow. So much going on there!

I’ve been debating coating the cement floor in my room. I’m convinced now, that’s the direction I need to take.


@repins12 please do, the more the merrier, @darkillusion3526 thank you, I just need it to be finished! @Oldguy hands are full and hopefully a bunch of jars will be too. @Watt-Sun the coating was a must for me, but what a pain, turns out the instructions actually have some truth in them regarding Ideal RH and temps, who would have known… @Oldtimer69 thank you sir, you and me both. @kellydans busy is right, that whole idle hands devils playground thing. @MrPeat busy bee is right. @zparkie2 thank you. @AfgVet after all the drama with the floor, I’m still glad I did it!

Crazy, I actually responded to each person individually, I’m so proud of myself, it’s almost like I was possessed by @Missiles!


I’ve been looking for something to seal up the floor. I believe it’s contributing to the majority of dust in the grow room. I’m going to take the room apart after this grow for some up keep electrical + paint I will def be doing this to the floor. Did you use a garage floor epoxy or was this something else?

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@Watt-Sun I used a Rustoleum product called rock solid, it’s Polycurimine. They also make regular garage epoxy that is about half the price. I chose Rock Solid as this is what we used at our shop. Only drawback is no white, so I went with the lightest color they offered at Home Depot which was Grey.