Out from under the stairs

Autopots make it easy. Would definitely recommend. But mixing up nutrients for a few days in coco makes it simple.


Being able to mix a weeks worth and having it all the same send so easy to me. I look forward to it


Only thing I’ve noticed is using tap my ph tends to ride up a little. I usually ph to 5.8 and then check it every few days m. Use some ph down if needed. Very simple


Did you get a mixer and air stone? I know it’d make things easier for larger batches, but obviously not completely necessary. @JWhistler

Air stones in your rez will cause ph fluctuations from what I have been told. I use a wave maker. And if you only do one or 2 top fed plants. You can mix up in a 5 gallon bucket and be good for about 4 days or so for a couple plants. I am going through 10 gallons every 2 1/2 days to 3 days now with 7 plants. With autopots. You use less water too since you don’t need any run off.


I like all of those things

So this came today. I’m looking at a 3x4x79 tent for her to call home… SunHut was the closest I could find to what I’m looking for.

It’s so much more light than I need… but I can just run it lower power. Unless the girls ask me to push them a little harder. I’m looking forward to the next batch of seeds more by the day.


Sweet, always better to have to much light than not enough. I never run my 320 all the way up. I got a 32" x 60" x 80" tent that is a prefect size for me. I can do 3 average sized photos in it. It has fast become my favorite. no wasted space.


The one I’m looking at is this. But the reviews aren’t great on durability or fabric thickness. I haven’t pulled any triggers yet. I’d really like an open 3x4 but it seemed like an that size are the multiple in ones with separate rooms, which I don’t care to have.

Snooguns. I’ve been looking at this a whoooooole lot for the new setup after the move.

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It would be the perfect size

So wife thinks 3x5 instead. Question for the people that know…

T6 or T8 for an exhaust? By calculation it seems a T6 would move enough air, but I’m curious.

@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @BobbyDigital @Nicky I don’t know who else has the HVAC knowledge :rofl:

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I’m running a T6 in a 4 X 8 X 8 space and does adequately.


Yep, a 6 will do you good. The 8 will probably suck in that tent and create a black hole.


Hahaha @BobbyDigital a black hole is not my goal


I concur 6" should be good.


There you go, yup.

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Blueberry from seed

White widow clone of the cone below

A little nighttime photo shoot because it shows the buds so well.


Love night shots! :heart:


As soon as the flash hit the plants I couldn’t help but think

Oh Shhh… this is way more bud than I thought I was growing!

It’s not a complaint… but still :rofl: