Out from under the stairs

That’s awesome man. She won’t come into the dining room or kitchen. And that’s perfect in my eyes


Almost fully functioning automated watering. Intake hose is a pinch soft, so I’ll be fixing the issue with PEX. Test run showed me that 3 min on will give me about 5% runoff.

But that’s more cool than pretty… so here’s some pretty too.


Looks good man! Real damn good!

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Thank you very much kind sir.

I’m actually really excited getting geared up for the next run. 2 of each Colorful Weed Mix, probably all quadlined.


When are you starting your next?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: awesome!

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The wife was eager after my largest girl hermied. I’m not trying to slow her down. Now I just wish I could get a second 350R for the tent. Veg with the 300L under the stairs and call it a day.

We can dream can’t we?


Two seeds of each strain from the ILGM colorful mix pack dropped. Purple haze seemed quite reluctant and I didn’t want to be juggling with one plant super far behind so I dropped a third seed.

I’ve now got six seedlings and an unsprouted purple haze. I’ll be gifting whichever of these three is the smallest.


Not too much for updating at this point. I feel like it’s similar in a way to golf. I am parked between my putting green and the next tee box.

The flowering ladies have stopped getting fed. I’ve read around that Coco and Jack’s takes longer to flush out than expected sometimes, so I’m water only from here on. I’ll let the temps dip down a little lower at night to continue encouraging that sweet color change.


Super nice plants man!



How long are you going to do water only?

I haven’t gotten the scope back on them yet so I’m not sure where they’re at. Sunday is week 6. Pistils have been mostly brown for almost 2 weeks. So I’ll scope em this weekend and see

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Sweet. Are you pH’ing the water? I read crazy pH fluctuations at the end can stress colors out of them.

No sir. Straight A/O filleted water. 70 PPM so it won’t pH accurately anyway. They’re charging genetically at the moment

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I’m having myself some issue here. While the blueberry is stacking up nicely, the Sick Selections plants have not at all. What I’m looking for from you coaches is this…

Since this grow has gone power out 3 times for roughly 48 (with the Rh fluctuations that go along with it) and one week where the 350R was sent out for replacement, is it likely this is the cause the foxtail type buds and poor density?

Or should I be looking to drive in to all my environmental controls for a place I failed?

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Good morning Brother, I’m no fox tail expert and have 1 in the same condition. Several variables outside my routine lead me to believe mine was contributed to either genetics or over feeding PK for 2 weeks. I’m leaning more towards genetics since I didn’t have any stressors. The cold and missing light for your run could possibly be the culprit but not sure?? Most foxtails I’ve seen come from heat, light intensity and found out recently lock out from over feeding. I know that’s no help but certainly the more experienced cultivators you tagged will have more knowledge on this :love_you_gesture:


That was my 1st thought since the other ladies are rockin on just fine :upside_down_face:


My GDP is stacking the same way.