Out door grow drying problem


Im do a out door grow and after i harvest and hang dry my plants they reduce down to these little bud not bigger than a dime, When i harvest them they are the size of a two inch pipe. Has anybody seen this before and how do i fix it?


How long does it take you to dry? Do you keep in dark with fan blowing underneath them?


Yes it is taking about five days, weather up here has been changing due to cold weather this last couple of weeks. With this happing could it have a big impact on the plants?


As the drying process takes place your buds will loose 75% of mass and weight. Harvest a 1 pound plant wet and get a quarter pound dry.
Harvest a quarter pound wet , get an ounce dry.

I think @Bob31 has a formula and a thread just for this


Thank you for your response and your help


The calculator is down a couple posts from the top! @Dkc

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