Out door grow. Do you use potting mix or garden soil

Thank you. Thanks for everything

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There hasent been any light burns not of yet

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Hey hippie. It’s been a while. Sorry I haven’t written in a few. I have a question my babies look great but they are getting so big already and I have t put them out yet bc it’s still chillie at night and I need to know what is the flat bottom number to be able to keep them outside. Right now on my weather channel it says during the nights this week it will be around in the 40s to mid 50s no more 30 degree days this week. So is it safe to put them out. And leave them there. Hope to hear from you soon. And let me thank you in advance for all you have taught me.

And I cut down the gg she was done. I could have probably kept her longer but I’ve been depriving all the other plants of nutrients bc I was flushing her out before I cut her.


Too eary to put sexually mature marijuana plants outside. They will start flowering too early then transition back into veg mode. Then transition back into flowering. All the back and forth will affect yeild. Late May and early June is best time to put mature Mj plants outside. Its the day/night schedule that matters unless you’re growing auto’s. I start my seeds in april then put them outside the first week of June.

These 2 plants were put outside 6/7 2021
2nd picture was taken August 27th 2021


Hey thank you for that tip. I didn’t know that would happen. I looked at the weather and sunrise where I’m from is at 554 am and sets at 754pm. If my math is correct that’s 14 hours. That more than I need to keep them in veg mode if I’m wrong please let me know I have no problem taking advice. But if I can leave them out that would be the best for them. Because they are starting to stretch fan leaves are becoming very long and to spaced out. It’s growing fast too and I don’t want a see through plant. Lol. So please let me know thanks.

Hey hippie how’s it going. I have a question one of my plants is so big it’s right at the light. It started to burn so I took my spreading net and just like layed it over the top and then just left it hanging down. But it’s still growing. And I don’t know what to do. I have about two months left of flowering first of July no matter what I’m cutting it down. Can I top it or is that not a good idea. Please I need your advice. They should have been done already but something was off on my plug i

n timers. When day light savings came I never changed it left it the way it was. I didn’t think it would make a difference but it did I was giving them more like then it needed to flower until I figured it out and once I did the following week the white haired stated to form and now they’ve been at flower for more than a month right now.

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Things are looking good. I would suggest not to top/cut anything at the current time. Try to pull the branches down away from the light.

If you start topping the plant at this stage in life it will cause it to stress out and will really slow down production.

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It’s getting so wild in there with her I don’t know what to do. I’m just gonna let it do what it does and at the end I’ll just have a whole lot of trimming to do. Because I can’t keep up with her. The other two are perfect nice size this one got away from me bc of the 12/12 to start them to flower. I was trying for almost two months to get them to flower I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and it was day light savings time. And you would think that that would wNt stop them from flowering but it did bc they where receiving 13 hrs on and 11 off. I just kept waited and waited for him to start flowering, and nothing grew so big thank God it’s almost over what should I do? Just let it rock out who is this something I can do

I use Black Gold or Either Batco potting soil, it has time released fertilizer and moisture control, Me personally I never had any problems using it Always worked for me, I never even give it thought,

By trimming the fan leaves am I stressing the plant out while it’s flowering.my logic is the more fan leaves I cut off it will allow the plant to concentrate all of its energy on flowering. This purple haze I got growing is so small. everything on her is small the leaves and the flowers. I dont understand why they are so small. The buds are so tiny. I do t know how I’m gonna smoke this. I’ll need a hundred buds at the size they
are now to make a blunt

Hey hippie was going on. Just wanted to send you a picture of the babies they are doing so good. Hope everything is well with you now I did that dry out of the gg. Out of the four plants in the hydroponics She was an auto and finished first so she gave me 11 oz. I’m not mad. I have a question. When I buy from some places I get these really dried out nuggets. Like some solid nugs. How I was suggested to dry out to me it’s perfect not dust dry that stuff you touch and it crumbles to dust. Not mine still has life it it. But I don’t get those big solid nuggets. They’re not airy either. But I want my stuff to look just like when I buy it. Any suggestions please let me know.

The tight dispensary nugs are solid as they are usually freeze dried then tumble trimmed. I think when they freeze dry, the buds shrink inwards, making them tight. When we air dry, the buds stay mostly the same size and shape, but shrivel so they seem to have air gaps in them.

I’m getting ready to put 4 girls in the ground. First time growing in the earth. I’m planning on planting them in a bed of compost (it’s been brewing since November) and horse s**t I tilled in with the rest of my garden. Will that be enough nutrition for them thru the summer (veg)? Also if I do need to add nutrients is dr earth organic fertilizer any good? Thanks for reading.:v:

Forgot to add I plan on giving them compost tea as well.

Hippie I need your help. I read that if I put my girls out to early they will start to flower and they did not eevery single one but most what am I looking at now as far as yield. Will I still be able to get a decent grow out of them. Please guid me. Thanks.

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