Out-building lighting and heating

Will using heat lamps (infra-red) during the dark periods interfere with bud development in the flowering stage? I’m not sure that a heating mat will provide enough warmth in the winter.



I’m pretty sure it will… I believe green light is the safest light to use during lights out

They need a space heater instead of a light bud . Your going to turn all the kids into hermies and have seeds

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Thanks. I’ll look for a space heater. So much to learn…

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This is my first time also . There is a lot more to growing something everyone calls a weed than I would have ever imagined. I am a little over 2 months in and have been avidly reading the posts of people who have had all different types of issues . That is how I have started looking for my answers to questions I have is clicking on the magnifying glass and doing a search for the subject . Some of the year old threads have really helped me understand what different approaches are out there and which one might be better for my next grow . Good luck