Our first in experienced grow 😊

To start a grow was a pretty random decision. The wife and I smoke daily, we are not in a state that it is legal to do so. So source of herb is usually inconsistent and different varieties. Sometimes with seeds most times not. So over the years we have collected a handful. My wife has flowering plants and herbs on our large second story deck. With varied results of keeping them alive lol, usually from lack of watering. So I ran water piping to the deck and installed a timer based auto waterer with drip supplies to each potted plant. And walla we had a vibrant deck, funny how consistent watering helps plants survive lol. So sitting out there looking around we had the thought we ought to plant those seeds and see what happens. We had some small plastic 2” planters so threw some dirt in them and popped in the seeds and set them under one of the mister heads I put in on the watering system. Of those about 15 popped. Not sure how long before we started seeing β€œbudding” it’s then we began trying to figure out which ones were males and which were females. Thank goodness for the web, of the 15 we determined 2 were females. We destroyed the concluded males. The remaining 2 hopeful females in the beginning, stayed outdoors on the deck until this week. We realized we were right several weeks later. After reading and looking at others picture we decided they were ready to start the harvest process. Here is our picture journal. ! The last image is the trim before putting in the dark.


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We have no clue what strain but, as mentioned just trimmed back and sitting in the dark for harvesting. If anyone recognizes or has an idea please let us know.

Sounds familiar. Illegal state, a couple random bag seeds, a garden, fortunately very private semi-rural and good grief two of them grew. Both boys but fun any way. Got hooked and by the end of that summer I had the complete works, emptied by workshop, found ILGM, started with White Widow autos and have not left the workshop since. Make space, get the gear and you will be happy you did.