Other ways to reduce smell besides carbon filter?

Hello my wonderful people! My girls are starting to get smelly! I just put my carbon filter on my exhaust fan finally. It’s actually working really well but I like to be extra cautious. What’s some other methods to help control smell?? Also this white sheet that comes on my carbon filter do you guys leave this on or take this off ?? Another thing… how much do you say smell lingers ??? Like will your whole block smell it ? Will it seep through brick walls ?

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Welcome to the community ! Put your cloth stock on that you’re pre filter to catch dust particles. Good filters usually take care of the smell. Not familiar with that filter. I will say from experience about two Grows is all I get out of a filter.


Ac infinity if they have any in stock is just little cheaper, quality seems good. I’ll order one of those when it’s time. It’s worth looking at.