OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Oh boy, what a night I had with the dogs. Damn coyotes anyway. Least Lucky my 2nd oldest Dozer’s son got a piece of one. So hopefully they won’t venture back here. Then falling twice on the hillside didn’t help none…

Well on to the girls. Woke em’ up at 6pm last night. Then went back at 5:20am this morning to water them and lights out at 6am. Woohoo 1st week of flower or 1st week transition depending on how you look at it. Just a guide anyway since harvest time will be dependent on trichome in the end.


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Who hoo. Off to the flower races. Good luck keeping all those Buds trained


Gonna repurpose my 5’x6’ scrog net into a 3 1/2x7’ foot net. So should be alright.


Dang I’m glad they ran off the yotes but be careful chasing after them. The ladies are looking fantastic.


Hey OSG what are you doing outside with your back chasing coyotes :thinking:
looks to me like you’re a lot better at growing cannabis, can’t wait to see that sea of buds.


Lol Randy. I wasn’t chasing shit. The dogs sure we’re though. 2nd time the boys broke welded chain links.


Some morning pics before lights went out at 6am. Had to raise lights do to some slight tip burn. But all in all plants are healthy.


@raustin Thanks for the mornin’ love girl…


Well, they look beautiful.


Looking outstanding!


Thanks Bro. On the back stretch of the race now.


They look beautiful Bobby Lee :wink:


just hung Sept. super skunks and cleaned the tent for the next 5 babies that are doing good too.


How many plants Jimmie? What do you think your rough yield will be? Great job on the harvest Brother…



Well grown!


Why thank you, thank you very much. Elvis lives…


4 plants bout a 3x3 ft thinking 7/8 zips may be off a little they are dense and sticky sweet i cant wait for the trim to make budder


Cool. How many weeks from the flip?


Around 54/55 days


Hell yeah. 55 lands it right on my B-DAY January 30th…Happy Birthday to me…