OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Thanks Mote. When I do my lst if I veg longer I usually defoliate at least 3 times.


Yeah there’s so many possibilities bro get the most out of your harvest. Waste not, want not…


You lollipopped and everything, you e been a busy man, which looks great…
I started 3rd shift last night, do just getting around to trying to catch up on everyone’s post.


I’m going to have to look into some of these different ways I can use the rest of the plant when I Harvest. I’d like to get the most out of her that I could.


Yeah I want all the energy focused on those main shoots.


Put me in a shed out back. I’ll get ya’ a nice yield to work with…


I do have one out back I just need to clean it out lol


Make room for me. Lol… Hell I’ll hang a hammock up…


Getting a little cold out there now you might want to have a heater


They make em’ and Vodka does wonders lol…


Yes vodka. That is my drink of choice :wink:


Great minds think alike. Can mix it with anything. I use my mt dew, but occasionally buy everything for sex on the beach.


OMG that is too cool. Whenever I go out I usually will order a sex on the beach. If I don’t have that I just have it with Sprite and a splash of cranberry.


BOOM. There it is…


opinion please these skunks have been in flower at most 49 days took about 100 pics all three skunks look just like this # 4 is stinking all clear mabe20 % milky

181205_080626 181205_080641 181205_080653 181205_080655%20(1) 181205_080655 181205_080707%20(1)

thanks yall jimmie


Little bit longer Bro…



ya i thought Christmas but they turning fast will see huh thanks


I’m looking probably 1st week of Feb. Hopefully…


I’m around New Years. All our due dates are lining up. Haha


We can call ourselves the “Perpetual Grow Gang.”