OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


We need to hook up in Feb. for a smoke n greet.


Shhhh. Rippin’ the skirts off the girls. Their a lil’ bit shy… Pics shortly if they don’t call the weed police on me for raping 'em.


Be gentle with them OSG​:wink:. Tell them how beautiful they are :laughing:


Ok, sweet talked em’ and didn’t end up in weed jail… Now all their energy can be focused on the top of the plants. Will be giving them plain water tomorrow after feeling pots. Then 24 hours of darkness Friday 6pm, then set my timers for lights on from 6pm - 6am to help with the cooler nights. Lights out during the day. Will be starting the Scotts Super Bloom after the pots dry out from this next watering. Better have an I.D. to look at these naked ladies…

Before the strip.

The strip

Big pile of leaves


Clones anyone

After everything was done

Everything has good airflow underneath, and as I said above all energy will now be transfered to the top of the plants.
Now to rest my back for a bit, then transfer clones to my styrofoam cups into aerated water with a light mix of nutes.


They looked great OSG! Nice work. I bet your back is killing you now😉


Yeah I wore it out quite a bit and need to take a muscle relaxer. But looking at the end picture it’s all worth it. Least I can sit at the coffee table later to rig the cups up for all the clones. Kept the best branches for them and tossed the garbage ones.


Yep they look great. Ready to rock and roll now.


Yep Brother. Getting ready to start the back half countdown… Gonna be sweeeeeet…


Are you able to use those leaves for anything like edibles or oil?


You can cook with them. I usually wait for the trim of the sugar leaves at harvest time. I may try and do something. With them.


I figured with all that foliage maybe there was something you could do with it. Are the sugar leaves the one that you would want to use for something like this?


There is a lot you can do with sugar leaves and stems at harvest time…


I’ll have to keep that in mind when it does come Harvest Time


Wow man like how many colas are you gonna have! Great growing skills you have Master,
The really look great @OldSchoolGrower, thanks for the pics, we all like to see your plant porn even if you are the co-star :joy::rofl::joy:


I’ll more than likely do an extraction then for some good shit…


You mean like resin or oil


Very Nice Job OSG, they look soo nice. I gotta focus more the next time around. I was all over the place, lst, the improvised scrog. By the time I was two weeks into flower I didnt want to do too much defoliation but I can see I should have probably done more or simply gotten rid of those lower branches before I switched.
Oh well, live & learn, its all good!
Hope the muscle relaxers do their thing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol. To F’ ing funny Randy. Thanks. Most of them have 6 main branches for decent size colas. Few have 7 & 8 with a couple having ,5 on the late starters.


Yes… You got it doll…


I make dry rub kief from all my cured trimmings. From there you can go a lot of different ways. Press it into hash, heat press into wax, THC oil, edibles, or just leave the kief as it is. After the dry rub I take the secondary run and extract RSO so I milk as much of those glistening THC trichs as I can…