OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM






Hi OldSchoolGrower. Love the simplicity of your cloning techniques, you’re a wealth on knowledge Man.
Thanks for sharing.


@Mote Thanks. I don’t have all the knowledge and answers, but what I do have it’s an open book for sharing.


I just did some clones and found the ones in rock wool cubes were little bitches and the leftovers that I put in ryzofuel and b1 in a cup were troopers. They grew roots fast, strong and thick. I won’t be using the cubes and gel for clones again.


I’ve used Rapid Rooters and powders in a Cloner made but prefer my old school method. Has always worked for me. If it ain’t broke. Well you know the rest…


Got any new pics of the ladies @OldSchoolGrower


I gotta try this bubbler cloner I’m trying to think of a way to shrink it


Sorry Randy no new pics today, but was thinking about taking some when I venture back in there later on.


Did you compare white led light and traditional led light (it seems purple and red light)? I did not use white light before, but I see QB, LG…white lights are popular this year. I heard Mars Hydro need testers for their new product, I advise you to contact with them to get a free sample to test and show us your growing pictures: 420flower@mars-hydro.com


Just a photo update since @Randy1966 was asking. Plants got nutes watering along with epson salt yesterday. Bloom nutes arriving today for the flip

1st up pic for @DoobieNoobie to go with his leaf.

Here ya’ go Randy.
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@Devile to answer your question about comparing White Full Spectrum vs Blurple Lights. When I decided to grow again after many years away from it. I didn’t just jump right in and buy the 1st set of low wattage lights advertised as so many 1st time growers do. I researched countless hours into LEDS I was on a disability budget and I wanted the best bang for my buck for a couple grows, while also minimizing heat (growing in a trailer, box oven as it is in Summer) Reason I didn’t go with MH/HPS. I decided to go with a couple of these bought a month apart. I basically consider them entry level COBS. I did not fall prey to the 1800w of the ad. I knew beforehand that they were around 30Ow from the wall. I also talked with Goliath Grower who wrote a review and was vegging under them and knew they had a nice footprint and would get me by until I could build some lights. Can’t say I have a single complaint about them. Been running them hard since before summer. As far as Mars goes. Sent them an email. Nothing back from them, but may send them another one to show I’m interested. [1800W LED Grow Light,X6 Sunshine Full Spectrum Grow Light for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing(White)](http://1800W LED Grow Light,X6 Sunshine Full Spectrum Grow Light for Greenhouse and Indoor Plant Flowering Growing(White))


I like pics too, thanks :v: if you do the tiger bloom in combo with the Scott’s, let us know how it goes. I’m curious. Also I am wondering if I should be adding cal mag. I have well water that’s got plenty of calcium but I wonder about the magnesium.


@GreenJewels Do you already have cal/mag on hand? If not you can use some Epson salt. Probably gonna try the Tiger Bloom with the Scotts Super Bloom on one plant that is as close to another and monitor the two. Comparison updates will be posted here.


I don’t have any on hand but I do have Epsom salts, I’ll try that, Thanks


Your welcome. All about sharing knowledge.


@OldSchoolGrower i think i like ILGM Super Skunks fems so much (because they smell so damned good) i dropped 5 more seeds in h2o/h2o2 Sunday they all have tails this morning i am going to veg way longer this time i only did 5 weeks with the 4 i have now and i will delay lst a little longer to get room down below i wanted to grow them in my green house but it is a seed house now lol. so they will be in 4x4 or 5x5 i have options i do have like 6 other photos in veg. but still have to sex them they are bag seeds, two are lucky charms i want them to be girls really bad after lucky gave me near 8 zips and her clone will be 4 or 5 i needed to be sure i have females for a march harvest so 5 skunks on the way, i will deal with the other photo’s as i find out sex.

forgot there will be skunk clones on this grow lol

oh btw dern nice garden you got there

Happy grow’n yall jimmie
went to put skunks in soil one was jumpin out of her shell to git grow’n :grinning:

@OldSchoolGrower i love theses seeds fast germs this one threw its shell in the p.towel and here she is now


I know those are going to need to be spread out a little but it’s such a beautiful sight seeing that sea of green from edge to edge.


Yeah I’m gonna move them out into the open area and mount my 5’x6’ scrog net like I had it on my last grow. But you’re right that blanket of green is a beautiful sight…


That’s ok man you take it easy on that body of yours, I’ve got plenty if bud porn to look at while I wait lol