OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


If it works, that’s what ya do :+1:In the late early 90’s this is how we did it. Lived on the river and fed the plants river water…lots of fish emulsion in that swampy slow river. Never new about pH, TDS back then. We scored some Blueberry seeds we grew and then took clones from it. Grew blueberry photos for a lot of years It was some excellent smoke. My ex-husband was the one with the know how. Wish I’d have paid more attention to his tricks.
Your girls are really looking great. Hope the back gets feeling better. Don’t overdo it on the move. Good luck :v: :green_heart:


Thanks Jewels. Ahhh River planting, those where the days. Use to dig my holes had railroad tracks close by. Haul 5 gallon buckets of gravel to dump in holes. Then added crumbled up rotten logs to retain moisture between rain and manual watering. Sit on the bank, catch a few big carp. Cut them up and put them in. Mix in the dirt. Plant germinated seeds and watch them grow. As my younger brother would say; “Good Times.”


Wow that does seem a lot simpler than using the gels and powders like you had mentioned. You make it look easy OSG :wink:. When I do decide to start cloning you will be who I hit up. Thanks for sharing with us. Man those fan leaves are getting big! Can’t wait to see how they develop. Glad to hear you got everything moved and are now getting situated. You probably still have some work ahead of you. Hope your not hurting too much more today. Trust me I know the feeling.


Thanks Missiles. Yeah it’s as simple as you can get when t comes to cloning. And best of all it works. What you spend on clonex or powders plus cubes or Rooters. You can buy a cheap air pump, styrofoam cups, and a container and you’re all set. Oh boy are the leaves getting fat along with the branches getting thick and reaching like crazy for the light. May be flipping before 7 days. I have a silent goal I am shooting for based on 6 main colas per plant with X - amount of grams per cola. I should do a speculation contest and let people try and guess the weight…


Dang, sounds like we were in the same backyard :joy: my land had railroad tracks too. Great mushroom hunting, easy deer hunting and lots to smoke while fishing. Northern pikes were my favorite. So big you could see them swim by. Lost more than I caught


Probably traveled through some of the same haunts… Oh yeah love catchin’ Northern Pike. Caught one 38" on 8# test using a jig while fishing for walleyes. Thing jumped 3 feet out of the water…


Well the nephew was suppose to come out today and was going to move plants and lights then give them nute watering afterwards. So looks like they are going to get watered later on then moved later in the week. Which actually works out a lil’ better, because I was going to take cuttings today to. But ordered a new heating mat for the clones which will be here Tuesday along with Scotts Super Bloom and new pH pen to replace my other one. So I’ll be taking cuttings after new heating mat arrives. Need it to compensate for these colder temps.


Like that clone tech I’ll have to remember that when I grow photos again.


Works like magic. When using a heating mat keep a check on temps. I usually put a towel on it then my container on top of that. Or use a thermostatic controller.


I use the 12-55-6


Ordered that on Friday. Will be here Tuesday along with new pH pen to replace my old one, and heating mat for the colder temps when I take clones this coming week. Thanks for the heads up on it.


Well plants got their nute watering just around midnight. Was to sore to water them early this morning. All is good in Green Land. Loading up a bowl of Glue. Anyone wanna join me for a smoke?




Right back at ya’ Brother. Tokin’ right now.


You use the 12-55-6 in place of the 10-30-10? Or just use the Scott’s a couple weeks before harvest?


@Drillbit I’m curious what FoxFarm and the Scotts Super Bloom would do together at 1/2 strength FF 3/4 strength Super Bloom. I’ve got enough plants that I could try it on one or two. @garrigan65 any thoughts?


I use the Scotts all thru flower but stop at the last week



What’s the N.P,K of the Super Bloom ?


@garrigan65 12-55-6 Wondering if I could use some FoxFarm Tiger Bloom along with it or just use the Scotts Super Bloom the whole way until I flush.


Maybe I’m not sure but if you do , i’d go real easy at first and keep an eye for any deficiencys
ok ?