OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Thanks everyone. Out of likes. They are really starting to hit some Rapid growth. Branches are stretching, leaf size are getting way way fatter. Next nutes are this weekend if pots are dry enough. Will most likely give all 3, grow big, big bloom and tiger Bloom since I’m gonna pull the trigger and flip in 7 days.

Here ya’ll go for likes.


Hey @garrigan65. Planning on flipping in about 7 days. Going to order the scotts super bloom, since you said it does wonders. Currently using ff trio pk. When can I start the scotts? Should I discontinue the ff products when I do use it? What type of schedule do you recommend with it? Hit me up if you can today so I can order it and get ready for the flip. Thanks…


Ya, go a head an order it. and I used it once a week and stoped right around a week an a half before I turned the light out for 48 hours and then the chop…lol

If you want your buds to be fat and juicy, you are going to have to spoil them a bit. Take special care of them during the flowering phase of the plant’s life cycle.
What buds crave most of all is phosphorous, so try a mixture of 10% nitrogen, 30% phosphorous, and 10% potassium (commonly referred to as NPK 10-30-10) to curb those cravings. At the end your buds can use a boost of extra potassium.


@garrigan65 So you are saying a NPK Value of 10-30-10 in relation to the super bloom 12-55-6 or I’m assuming you mean use one or the other?


No you need to hit all 3 I think he’s saying for optimal plus secondarys I’m assuming cal mag mang. iron sulfur zinc should all be present as well plant should always have all available in nature someone doesn’t come sprinkle different stuff it just there for the taking


These plants look very healthy, good scrog, good job my brother. Your growing room must be very grand during bloom stage


I’ve used the FF Trio last couple grows. Seen @garrigan65 mentioned the Scotts Super Bloom in several different threads and it just kind of snagged me in. I know about NPK values for different growth stages. Researched the Scotts Super Bloom here as well as elsewhere. Seen good things about it; Bigger buds, more resinous production,. So I ordered the 2 pound box for $12.00 along with a new pH pen since my last one went on the fritz. Been pretty lucky last couple grows without it, using the FF Trio and reading my plants. Thought it would be best to get another one with using a new product in case there’s any unusual big swings.


I’ve always used Epsom salt in place of cal/mag, usually every 3rd watering. Hell there was a time 30 years ago, the only things in my arsenal was MG, Fish Emulsion, and Epsom Salt. No pH meter or tds ec ppm meter. Just good ol’ fashion eye sight and daily hands on.


@Devile, thank you. Last couple grows were a couple of plants and then 1 big plant that practically filled a 6’x5’ foot scrog net. Just starting growing again after 28 years away from indoor growing and about 18 years away from outdoor growing. Indoors back then I had over 40 plants going in rotation (perpetual). So this is my 1st larger grow in all that time.


Here ya go brother.


New Update:

New update. Leaves are beginning to swell and widen like they are on steroids. Pics are the top leaves on the split tops. A couple pics are just the 5 finger leaves and not the true 7’s or 9’s. Might be a pic or two of the 7’s pics are from different plants. 2nd to the bottom branches are up to the main tops with a few a lil’ taller than the main tops. With the flip being near, not going to top them. More than likely super crop them after I move them or just put them on the outside rows.
Nephew is comin’ out tomorrow and spending the night to help me move plants and re-mount the lights. Thankful I’m not going to have to bend over and move all of them twice and redo the liner. Plants need a watering and nutes, but holding off til’ after we move them tomorrow evening. He was out the other day and picked out a plant for himself. Figures he chose the 2nd best lol. Lil’ shit knew not to pick the best one. Pretty sure he knew that wouldn’t fly. Lol… Will be taking the very bottom branches for clones tomorrow night as well. (2 from each one) Out of Rapid Rooters, so will be going back to my tried and proven old school techniques. Styrofoam cups cut in half, hole in center and floating em’ in a container of water, light nute mix and aerator pump to oxygenate the water. Was using this method over 30 years ago with damn near 100% success rate. Even used it on my 1st grow when I started back up again. I’ll see if I can find pics from 1st grow of clones and post them. Will have to get a longer and wider container tomorrow at Dollar General.
Man, I am going to be hurtin’ tomorrow with everything we have to do. Forgot about having to install our propane heater on the wall besides the grow room activities. Hurtin’ bad from today when I moved my one Pit/Lab mix igloo dog house closer to the porch from the far end of the trailer. 3 generations of em’ here. Dozer, his son Lucky, and Lucky’s 2 sons TT and Fuzz. Keeps the riff raff away. Lol… Ok @DoobieNoobie if you’re still up you said tag you when pics got loaded…



Yeah I’m always burning the midnight oil lol. They look outstanding. Glad to hear you got help. I wouldn’t want to do all that work alone either these days.


I say bring it on I wish I had more space man


Tell me ‘bout it Brother. I’m hurtin’ like hell now from movin’ Lucky and his huge igloo dog house. Really wanted to water and give nutes tonight along with Epsom salt. Have 2 plants just starting to show a lil’ nitrogen deficiency and 2 lil’ magnesium deficiency. Nothing to major, they’ll be alright til’ this evening after the move. Pots will be lighter to move as well.


I feel ya. It’s been a bad week for me. But I’m good and drugged up so I’m gonna try and get some sleep. I have things to do tomorrow so can’t sleep in even if I actually get sleep.


Ok, got lucky and found old pics from clone setup. You’ll notice no dome used. Just spray them a couple times a day and that’s it. With winter and colder temps will use a heating pad under them. Any questions feel free to ask… Here ya’ go @Missiles simple clone setup for you. Pretty self sufficient, just spray them a couple times a day and no humidity dome needed.


Great idea


Thanks. Tried and true. Has never failed me. No putting clones in gels or powders, putting them in cups with baggies over them, spraying baggies and soil hoping they’ll root. They get a good strong root system on them, then into Solo cups and they just take off.t sure if I tagged you into the grow @Blazin_Skywalker Hop on the crazy train…


That is wild! I’m really happy to be seeing this now as we are in the process of moving my grow to the basement (just waiting on constriction to finish :weary:). Right now my grow tent is in our master bedroom. My goal is to keep a small setup in my room for seedlings and clones and then move them to the basement when they’re ready for bigger things. This is awesome!


Thanks. Sounds like you are going to have good things ahead of you. Keep me updated. Lookin’ forward to seeing it. Good vibes your way…