OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


New Update:
Mornin’ bowl, mornin’ update. Transplanted the last 3 seedings into their new home. Only had 18 5gl fabric pots, so 2 of the girls had to become room mates but they’ll be fine for this particular run. I’ll move them further under the lights in a few days after they get settled in and put 2 of the bigger ones where they’re at now.
All plants got a thorough watering (plain water) this time. They should show a nice growth spurt with this watering. In the pic with the orange pencil, believe it or not that is a bottom branch packing the muscle on. Gotta love Skunk’s thick beefy branches. Moved my one light over about 5" for better light dispersement. Now I guess I can take it easy for the next few days. Gonna start right now by hitting this bowl a few more times.
Before I forget, I’d like to thank everyone for welcoming my nephew @Joeykramer into our fold.


That branch is pretty impressive alright, all the girls look really nice.
Very interesting strain to say the least, the short thick leaves remind me of the Mango Kush Im growing right now, but yours seem even fatter/broader.

I think Joey is going to have a really good time here on the forum, plus he’s also ahead of the curve if he’s already done outdoor grows. I would imagine growing indoor should be a cinch, outdoors seems like its much harder to do successfully since there are so many more variables and potential pests that are out of one’s control. It’ll be nice to see his first grow.


Mornin’ @Mote, How ya’ doing Brother. Yeah Skunk is known for its thick branches. Gotta have that muscle to support those colas. Another thing I like about it is the long leaf petioles it has. Benefit of that is leaf is stretched away exposing the lower branch shoots to light.

Yeah I look forward to Joey’s learning experience here. He’s gonna have to adjust to a steap learning curve transitioning to indoors. But he’s among good hands here. He’s got a 400w dimmable hps, but just bag seed. Gotta cut your teeth somewhere. Wish him and my brother would come down and get some clones for him.


Hello Sir, I’m tuned in to see how those plants develop. I just looked at the petioles on my mango k and I see what you mean, they are very long, much more so than WW & Blackberry. Some of the big leaf ones are really thick almost as strong as a branch. Pretty incredible plants, I am more in awe of them every day.

Heck if I was your nephew I’d be over there relieving you of the burden of too many clones :sunglasses:


Lol. If someone offered me free clones, I’d be in the 1st plane, train, or automobile and getting those babies. Funny thing is him and my brother are only like 60 miles away on the other side of the river…


Unless you’re in a city environment with all that traffic that goes along with it, 60 mi is nothing…
Unless its snowing like hell. A little over an hour each wayh if you’re moving, and for clones, yes very doable.


Only has to make like 4 turns. No big cities, 48 miles of it is a single rural road.


Easy peasy.
That sounds like a delightful drive, and you gotta twist their arms to do this ?!!! :grin:


Brother’s wife doesn’t like me. Says he’s not allowed to play with me. Lol


New Update

Update on the ladies. Branches are reaching upwards. Canopy is filling out. Everything is Growin’ pretty evenly. Probably gonna take cuttings tomorrow or Saturday. Lookin’ to flip them in about 7 days. Still haven’t popped those mystery seeds that have been screamin’ out to me. Wish I knew the strain of them to know if I want them for the grow off or if I’m gonna order seeds for it.

And of course Growin’ Pains. Scratchin’ their itch.


Man they are looking great. I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I can’t remember anyone doing a good SOG recently so it’ll be fun to see it flower.


Oh, gonna be a fun ride that’s for sure. Can’t wait to pull the trigger.


They’re gonna get snug in there once the flower stretch hits.


I still might move them over into the open space that I had my 5’x6’ scrog. That’ll give them a lil’ more square footage, and I know my lights cover that are pretty good…


They’re gonna look different next week after I trim them up. So I have 6 nice colas a plant. If I can average a certain amount of grams per cola I should fall within parameters of my goal. This is also a test of my lights for gpw. Hey @GreenStories ,once again welcome to the form. You’ll find a lot of good info as well as friendly knowledgeable people. Here’s s another grow for you to follow while you’re jumping around on here. Hey @Devile @Ausgrow here ya’ go come along for the ride.


Wow OSG those ladies are looking mighty fine. Prettier everyday :wink:


Mornin’ Missiles. Thank you. Yeah they are starting to get their growth on. Going to take clones and clean them up this weekend.


I have said screw the genetics and I’m going with monster cookies and ph …only thing I’m worried about the monster cookies is that I’m not sure how they grow I’ve grown ph and it’s nothing like they said online so unknown grows are not a good idea to be official grows to me


Looking healthy :sunglasses::v:


The look great OSG, I agree with the previous post, thats going to be one hell of a SOG once they take off.
Watching the show :grin: :popcorn: