OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


@joeykramer tell that brother of mine to bring you down for some clones in a couple weeks. Get you some good genectics to work with.


Yeah Doobie, I think the lad is gonna love it here. Trade his smut books for a righteous forum lol… In his early 20’s but teachable…


Lol this place has replaced Facebook for me. I used to get bored and spend a while browsing there. Now I spend that time here actually learning or chatting.


Oh I agree with you. Was telling him earlier that this is my Facebook. I keep tabs open 24/7 on the tablet.


Welcome Joey, I think you’re going to really enjoy this forum and all the people here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @mote did you get that info above on seeds I sent you?


@joeykramer try now.


It should let you reply now


Sexing! LOL.
Thank you @OldSchoolGrower, that is amazing, see, I already learned a few things today without meaning to, the best way to learn. I dont have any bag seeds since I dont buy but I will keep it in mind, very interesting, did not know it was possible. Thanks again.
I’ll keep an eye out for your rail system, that should be cool.

BTW: I also will be growing some Super Skunk, reading up on it I think it would be an ideal strain for me.

Couldnt agree more on the facbook topic, I got out of there a while ago, I am either here or on some audio or guitar forum, much more fun, especially this place. I’m actually surprised how nice people are here, the audio forum, holy crap, its downright nasty & confrontational.

I much prefer hanging out with all you guys.


Can one of you guys throw a reply on my thread Four Strains first grow. I have a question but the system wont let me do 3 replies in a row without somebody else replying to it first, Thats how exciting my thread is LOL!
Thank you in advance.


Welcome abaord mate, @Joeykramer,
So what are your u wanting to grow/ have grown.
Good group here peaceful and helpful, and really into do some great grows, I’m sure@ OldSchoolgrower will show ya round, :sunglasses: they can really help you with things when you have problems…like why are my fans curled up like this? Heat? 14 inchs below canopy 2-600 led ful dpec 84&88 18/6.i rsied light to see if that will help , I’ll update it later, 39 day ILGM SS auto.


@Randy1966 you were correct in raising your lights. Taco leaves to much light intensity.


I use hps lights. If you need any advice sing out @Joeykramer


Tagging you in @Lou4494


Reap you should put lights on that thing :smiley:


You mean the Sexy stuff, I mean Sexing stuff? LOL. Yes I did… if thats what you meant?.


I felt I was one of the younger ones I just turned 31 Nov 2oth


You definitely are! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Ausgrow , He’s out of comments until tomorrow. I will let him know. Thanks…


All good. Just doing my bit for the community.:man_farmer:t2: