OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Thanks. Tag me in when you get started Mick.


@Joeykramer come join the fun nephew grow n learn…


Thanks Mote. I’ll share the light rail when I get the parts this week. I find you a pic for sexing seeds. Here ya’ go.


Alright man I’m trying to get the hang of this site starting to figure out how it works hah


There you are nephew. Welcome aboard. Hey friends this is my nephew make him feel welcomed and at home. @DoobieNoobie @Randy1966 @fano_man @purpngold74 I’ll keep taking people Joey.


Howdy! @joeykramer


Awesome, welcome to the forum.


Hey Doobie, he’s bouncing around like a ball in a pinball machine. Lol


Lol he got lots of reading to do. Is he already growing?


@OldSchoolGrower thanks everyone just looking around trying to get used to it


It took me a bit to get the feel for how it works. No worries just browse around. If you’re interested in anything specific I can probably point you towards someone’s thread to find it.


Yeah, just finished up outdoors and just learning indoors. He’s got a 450w dimmable hps in a closet. Told him watch the heat. He’s got seedlings on 150 right now. Told him he’ll find more than enough info here plus good people to help.


@OldSchoolGrower alright thanks man I’ll get the hang of it after a minute got a little fan I can put in there I still need to get my one thing for when it starts to stink it’ll hide the smell n side hopefully I’ll become an indoor grow room master


yeah you’ll need a carbon filter. This place will turn you into a Master…


@DoobieNoobie alright guys thanks for the help if I have any questions I’ll ask usually do outdoor but I’m going to try to start doing indoor too I got the grow room and light just trying to learn things so I wont a bunch of mistakes lol trying to do it right the first time learn anything and all Tricks there is to know


@OldSchoolGrower just need to save money to get that but I have a minute before I really need it


You’re on the right road to knowledge…


Yeah you’re alright for awhile.


@OldSchoolGrower yeah I’m working on saving to get it don’t want anyone to be the wiser lol


Yep there’s grows of every style here. And plenty of extremely successful growers. Not many things that can’t be learned here.