OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


I thought it was a awesome idea my bro is a strange one but a cool one


New Update
Update on the girls. Got their watering the other night. Branches are growing out. Plants are getting fuller. New growth starting to expand. All are healthy with no issues. Will still add some Epsom salt in with nutrients during next feed watering. Usually only add it a few times during the grow. Need to move my left light over about 4"-5" sometime today. Considering fabricating a rail system that I can slide back and forth several times a day for a little more coverage. My 2 lights had no problem covering a 5’x6’ area. This area is 3 1/2’x7’ Man February can’t get here soon enough so I can build some new lights to add in the room. The more the merrier I always say. I didn’t forget you @dbrn32 still gonna pick your brain apart between now and then. Gonna draw up some layouts and configurations this week and see how everything can fill them. Gonna design a fixture for easy adjustability for multiple configurations. I think you’ll be surprised about what I have in mind.
Guess I’ll bounce around now and catch up on everyone’s threads. Notice @DoobieNoobie thread blew up some while I was resting.


They are all looking good. My thread always has a bit of chatter. But I enjoy it. It’s nice to have people that share a hobby and their vast knowledge with each other. I learn new things or get new ideas constantly here.


Now isn’t this the prettiest​ thing a girl can give her Daddy? Was back tuckin’ leaves when she winked at me.

Phone died on me just as I took the pic. Charging it back up now for better pics.


These damn mystery seeds from those couple buds the boy brought me 2 weeks ago that his buddy just grew are callin’ out to me and drivin’ me crazy. I had 9 of em’ untili dropped 1 in the carpet, 8 left. I haven’t even looked at em’ to sex em’ yet. I know what will happen if I do. I’ll end up tossing em’ in some water. “Ah hell.” They are going to make me do it.
What @fano_man did you think I was gonna let you have all the fun?

I guess I can check em’ and plop 2 in a glass. Veg em’ until I can take a cutting from each and put them in the cupboard to double check the sex. Then continue to veg them out while taking more cuttings to see what kind of structure they have and find out what they’ll do. Anything I do to em’ will be an improvement over the couple sorry lookin’ buds the boy brought me. Not knowing the strain of em’ is peaking my interest more than anything. Ohh the things that we dwell on and do.
A better pic of what one of the girls tthrew out at me a lil’ while ago.

Also some branching.



Thanks Doobie. Yeah I enjoy all the talk that we all do. Growing, picking up new tricks, always obtaining more knowledge than we had the day before, and developing bonds with one another.


Sometimes depending on the thread I refuse to go back and read the bs lol …not saying what yall say is bs but sometimes I’m a few days between checking urs or @raustin , @DoobieNoobie lol if its 20 , 30 posts I’ll read but 2 , 3 days I’m 500 posts behind wtf lol naw I’ll pass


Lol. I hear ya. Being disabled and sitting hear I enjoy the reads.
Hey I just got done looking those seeds over. Few of em’ nice symmetrical round holes. Looks like I’m gonna pop a few. Nice tier stripping on them with the light on em’.


Wow friend all your ladies are looking lovely. Nice setup you have there! Your going to have one heck of a harvest.


Thanks @Missiles olooking to probably flip in the next week and a half to two weeks. Yeah, hoping for some nice fruit at the end of this run. Then throw the next batch in. Probably taking clones in 5 more days.


Hey @garrigan65 @raustin got a question. If I changed the title of my thread, say by removing the GG #4 from it will it effect the people watching my thread. Will I have to tag people back in?


No, I don’t think it changes anything by changing the title.


Thanks raustin.


That’s correct…it won’t change a thing


Cool. Thanks…


Hi, the girls are looking great, cant believe you’re getting pistils already, that’s great.
A rail system sounds like a great idea, would definitely make things easier to reconfigure per stage of growth etc, offers lots of flexibility.
Intrigued as to how you can tell if a seed in a potential female?

Totally enjoyed our fishing talk, always nice to know fellow fishermen and fisherwomen.


LOL, I have a hard time catching up on some threads, they’re just massive, its even hard to scroll down them.
Thats why I pretty much always feel like I’m a few days behind. I try to stay on top of them but I do cheat sometimes and just move along otherwise I’ll never catch up.
Some just move at an incredible pace to boot. :smiley:


Lol yeah some of us just chat a lot. Sometimes it’s useful info. Sometimes it’s just random BS lol. I don’t blame anyone for skimming my thread for pictures only lol.


For me personally I’ve found useful information in every thread I have perused.
They’re all fun, I especially like the banter and the spontaneous parties that erupt, they’re a blast.


@OldSchoolGrower awesome looking grow! Following for my next one which will include super skunk.