OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Yep, you’ve just described mountauk in front of the lighthouse.
Gotta get away from the crowds.


Lol. Gotta switch gears from time to time. Can’t always sit here and watch water boil… It’s also nice to have something else in common with your fellow growers. Really enjoyed it. Also enjoyed talking with a few people from the area I grew up around. Brought back memories…


Well just watered the girls about an hour ago with full strength nutrients. 15ml each per gallon, grow big, big bloom.


Grow baby grow


Keep talkin’ to em’ Brother. I think they’re sweet on you. Check out this table setup. Jump around the 8-9 minute mark. You could modify it to your space by runnin’ 2x4’ foot tables.



Is that arreo


No it’s actually a recirculating system. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Hybridhygro


The top is just a piece of common kitchen backsplash. 4’x4’ plant tray, resovoir underneath with pump in it, air pump. 2 long flat airstones inside table on both sides, and airstones in Rez.


So it’s one big rez for 25 plants… wouldn’t roots tangle or is that not an issue if your not constantly pullen em out like an idiot …I’m sure once you get rez dialed in and roots hit water you really dont have any reason to pull net pots huh… I’m really really debating going to home depot and thrift store and get some totes probably for 100$ and some luck I can get my 3 stage sog running with 2 separate totes each totes will be 4 weeks apart in flower with say 4 plants in each will he short veg of course but it will be each tote is 4 to 5 weeks apart that will give me 46 days to root clones and let em veg for 35ish days (5 weeks) 4 plants I should be able to pull 3 to 5 oz hopefully more it’s just gonna get more and more dialed in and hydro really allows real control dont gotta worry about bad dirt this that the other …run off… soil cost …no more logging cooler full of water to feed dont need to make mixtures … now I thi k about it…sounds almo as t to maintenance free I will get bored lol


My back can’t take to many more soil grows. That’s part of the reason I want to get away from it. But also for the high efficiency of hydro. Faster growth, bigger plants, greater control. Use a pump to pump out Rez for changes, a hose to fill it back up. Cut a big portion of the workload off. More time to enjoy the garden.


Exactly my thoughts


Wow @OldSchoolGrower Your plants are looking amazing!
Probably a stupid question but when growers have that many plants that close and sog them are they looking for vertical growth to the colas after a shorter veg time?
Yours are photo right?
Love to catfish, I know a CPL places on the Ohio River here where some monster lay, just wait for a barge to come by and then hang on!


After the roots got so long that I couldn’t lift the plants out high enough to see the roots bottom I haven’t even looked at them. There’s only one reason to look at roots and that’s to check their health. And unless the plants are looking unhealthy no need to do that after they touch the water. I’ve never understood why people feel the need to constantly lift the plants out.


You gotta make sure the root gnomes didn’t come a knockin


Man I’m backing some over special brownies man they smell soooooo gooood


Lol I think it’s cool to be able to see them but there’s not much need. At some point, probably at the end, I’ll lift them to get a picture. But other than that I don’t lift them except high enough to rotate the plants. By turning them 180° the same direction every day it should keep them in a nice ball right below the plant. But I’ll know at the end when I can look.


Any one want a custom barbeque my brother makes em cant show you whole thing it’s my last name


Yes you can sear your name right into your steakksssss MERICA


That’s a nice looking grate. I would love a new grill/ smoker combo. But I’m poor lol


Real nice barbeque grate. Now I know what to get the boy for this coming Spring.