OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Hoping Ohio goes full recreational in 2019. If so I’m movin’ back across the river.


Heck yeah I’ll move across the line if they do :sunglasses:


I’m taking a wild guess, but I’d say you’re up around Mercer county.


Who’s smokin’ right now? Hitting ’ a bowl of glue right now.


Gotcha I’m a rod reel dude to I live in fishing Capitol of the world so it’s only right :wink: but yea ima tourney fisherman saltwater fishe the rodeo and the slam like every other year me and my brother built a custom 25 foot center counsel was a 21 inboard dual console with a cabin… we closed the cabin off new gas tank new floor everything with new wood wrapped on glass beside the hull custom center console we built from scratch we pretty much customized the whole boat… but a 2 foot pulpit on the bow closed the transom of took the 302 out and put a dual engine bracket and put an outboard 250 Yamaha sws2 great motor very efficient nothing like the new evinrude e tecs but hey I catch fish and they dont seem to complain about my rig, tight lines and thick clouds ! Added 4.5 ft LOW (length over water) came out nice I’ve been on face book hiatus … I’m gonna try and retrieve my pics of it progression start to finish… took 10yrs because money of course


Yeah we revamped our cat boats. More room to walk around room for the bait tank. Rod holders everywhere.


Yea I got 9 holders going up around to bow on each side I do kite fishing balloon live bait you name it we do it


Yep sure am😉


Sounds like great fun.


Lol. Thought as much. My old stomping grounds.


speaking of fish 5 min walk from the house cast net bet already got the rods so all in all gotta love free


Yep I’ve lived here most of my life


Yeah I cast net for shad for bait.


I did to. Lived in Masury, Sharon, Greenville.


Man the other night on my birthday me and my bestfriend went to this spot with the coda netted 6 mullet first cast I hook my sons jogging stroller up to the back of the bike with some heavy duty zip ties… like a trailer… needless to say I load that thing down bait bucket 4 rods takle bag cast jet drinks and a bunch of weed lol caught the bait put the bait bucket on the stroller over to the main bridge with the 6 baits I got a monster 15" mangrove snapper (ate his ass):grin: hooked a monster snook way over size alot limit almost got him up she got her head down and shot with the current to a pilon and wrapped and popped me off… I lookedstmybus
Dry with a huge smile on my face stRted blowing a fish whistle (a big joint or 3) and I said to him if everything is going right you should hook a monster tarpon in a few minutes and just as he passed me the joint back WEEEEEEEE rod takes off… 75 to 100 lb tarpon jumps twice he set the hook and the line was wrapped on top some how and POW! Line snapped sounded like a gun shot lol… anyway was a great day hope do have another soon


Lol was just about to say I always wanted to go fish for tarpon for their runnin’ and jumpin’ abilities.


Snook and tarpon are my specialty opening day of snook here Sept. 1st everyone and there mom goes to the brides and peirs…no one eeeever catches anything on opening day it’s like they know there the smartest fish I’ve ever encountered … but yea opening day no one catches nothing but me I always catch 2 and loose 1, 1 is and inch to long 1 is and inch to short and the one just right gets away everytime… but at least I get em up over the side most dont get a bite lol


Lol. I’ve been asshole and elbows wading in the river for opening day of trout.


@Hogmaster current update on my 19 Skunks.


This has turned into a Fishing Thread LOL.