OSG's Super Skunk from ILGM


Little bit longer Bro…



ya i thought Christmas but they turning fast will see huh thanks


I’m looking probably 1st week of Feb. Hopefully…


I’m around New Years. All our due dates are lining up. Haha


We can call ourselves the “Perpetual Grow Gang.”


Well got all the cuttings situated. Had to change things up slightly. Usually I put one cutting per cup. I couldn’t get a bigger container today, so I ended up putting 4 cuttings per cup. Added a light nute mix to the water along with some hydrogen peroxide. They always like that extra atom. Put them under my LED Shoplight and placed the container on the new heating map. Should see roots in a week.


They look like nice and healthy cuttings should get some nice (second gen, or just secondary?) clones out of them. now what to do with these friggin clones. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
How big is that heat mat, looks huge.


Thanks Mote. Heating pad I think is 10 1/2" % 20". I’ll be taking temps so they don’t get to hot. Years ago I just used a standard heating pad on low.


You will become special chef with your cannabis leaves Lol


I am very sorry to hear you did not get reply from Mars, could you check if you sent email to 420flower@mars-hydro.com or to their company email. I think you will get reply quickly from the former


@Devile I will send them another one today while I am recuperating from yesterday. Thank you…


Hey @DoobieNoobie checked Tracking. MegaCrop will be here today. Wondering if I should run a side by side on 3 plants. MegaCrop vs FoxFarm vs Scotts Super Bloom? Or wait and run comparison on 3 clones. Thoughts Brother?


@Mote checked temps this mornin’. 73.9 Sprayed clones. No wilting at all… Lookin’ good…


You are a busy ProductivE Bee thumbs up brotha


Thanks Bro. The plants will get a light pH watering today before their 24 hour start of darkness beginning at 6pm. My sample of MegaCrop is arriving today.


I love the idea of a head to head battle on nutes. That’s a great way to see what each one will do.


Yep… Out of likes again for a lil’ bit.


Shhhh, don’t wake the girls. Put them to sleep for 24 hours right around 6pm. Was going to give them a light pH watering. But a couple pots weren’t completely light enough yet. So they will all get a drink when they wake up tomorrow evening. Clones look good. No wilting.


Well girls are sleeping peacefully. But not the kids. They are up wanting to play. Arms reaching towards the lights; screamin’; Daddy play with us." Not just yet my children. Get your legs under you first. Will be time for that later. Any way a few family shots.

Comparison pics.


Today’s pics. Leaves outstretched


Good morning Bobby Lee :wink:. How are you this morning? Look at those kids they look so cute they are reaching up for you Daddy. They do look good though. I just want to stop by and say good morning for a started to work. Hope you have a good day. Talk to you soon my friend!