OSG'S New Northern Lights Clone Grow Plus Lucky Widows

Thanks again hey what’s a few more to keep green I have over 40 babies all from seed to care for only have 14 clones in veg but I’m fixing to flower 20 Maui cus I’m harvesting the garage right now it will take a week or so then Maui growin in it


Grow is looking real good BobbyLee, thanks for sharing the videos they’re very helpful.
Cheers my Man & enjoy the weekend :wink:

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Hey @Mote Thanks and you’re very welcome. Was hanging another light today while I wait for my other 2 new ones to arrive. Got the walls covered on the other side of the room. Gonna be bringing more plants in from the veg room to begin flower. Got a special new run coming up soon. Stay tuned. Cheers Brother…


Sounds good man, your grows are a blast to watch, you always crush it. Have fun w the new lights,
I’m sure you need more of em :grin: :+1: :sunglasses:
I’ll be back :wink:

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Very nice going be a great harvest you deserve that after all that work !!! Hell ya

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Thanks Mote. More Lights hmmm? Yeah more Lights, That’ll work lol. Cheers brother…

Hey Cyle, Thank you Brother. Yeah now the excitement starts watching these Carpets full of buds swell up. Cheers Brother…

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Fresh Update Ya’ll… Time to watch these carpets of buds fill out over the next weeks. Hope everyone enjoys… Cheers all…
OSG / BobbyLee


Look at all them buttons daam


Stackin’ and Packin’… Canopy is goona look fantastic in the coming weeks. Is it strange, that I want to marry my plants. lol… Cheers Brother…


I want to marry your plants ya next couple weeks going be fun

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lookin stellar Bobby/lee fn 14 deg right now but right at 60 in the Greenhouse all is well



Good Morning Bobby, thanks for the vid my friend, they look great! Dude you make it look easy :grin:

What has always confused me w the sog/scrob is how do you water the plants that you cant reach and more importantly do you water to run off & if so how the hell do you drain the run off?

Hope your Back pain is subsiding & or under control, feel better Man! That train wreck helps you w the back pain?