Oscillating Tent Fans

Looking for recommendations on oscillating clip on fans (with a power cord) for a Vivosun 3x3x72 tent that aren’t a fire hazard or break within a few months.

If fire hazard and breaking are your main concerns, don’t get a clip fan. I looked high and low for one that someone or a bunch of someone’s had not reported fire issues with and came up with none. I use a tower fan.

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I was actually thinking I might be better off with a tower fan. Any suggestions on one that can take the humid conditions when in seedling/veg?

I have not had any issues with this one

I’m not sure about “operating in high humidity” a grow tent sees like 70-75% humidity, I lived in MN and the avg summer humidity is 70-90 % never lost a fan to wetness. This to me is a fan designed for high humidity environment

Your tent won’t look like this unless you are growing mushrooms.

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Regardless you will want to get a decent power bar. Do not get the ultra cheap ones you know the one

You will want to get one that can handle having large amounts of power run through it without getting hot.

This is the one I got and it works great and is always cool to the touch even when everything is running.

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I’ve got these all over the house, and on the tent (with 2 grows so far). Never had an issue.


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Perfect, only 500 joules less of an allowance of mine.

Saw people recommending these on here. Not clip on, but you can just hang upsidedown with some ropes and works fine. I’ve replaced all my clip fans with them.

This on the other hand is the Vivosun clip on oscillating fan I’m looking to replace. Yeah, that’s rust.

This what I use. It is great. It grabs the tent’s pole and stays there. Easy to raise / lower and oscillates. It has been running 24/7 for almost two years. Clean it each grow cycle.

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Looking at this one… see any drawbacks to it? I’ve got about $25 in Amazon points, which would make it roughly $65.


I run these in my tent. They are a good fan that is very reliable.



I think you would do yourself better to get a fan with less bells and whistles. All you need is oscillation and speed control, basically gets left on med or high and always on and always moving. Anything more then that you would likely not use. @MidwestGuy,s post is another good fan I’ve read


There’s a guy on Instagram that goes by the username of “woodshed13” that 3d prints the parts necessary to clip/hang the lil blizzard fans to your tent poles. I don’t have any specific info though.

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The Secret Jardin Monkey Fans have pretty horrible reviews on Amazon, which is why I had avoided them - and they seem a tad overpriced for what they are. Of course, my Vivosun fan was apparently the same - to the point it looks like they pulled it off the market as you can’t even find them anymore. I have made it through 2 grows (24/7 for about 6 months total) with the Vivosun though - so maybe I was lucky it rusted and looked like garbage and sent me in search of something else before I did end up with a messy situation.

I believe some of the fan’s neg press came about when people would raise the fan high and then angle the direction of the fan down. I raise and lower the fan on the tent’s pole and only turn it downward slightly. I agree about the $$ The convenience of how it attaches to pole was worth it to me.

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